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Shabby Chic Cafe in Abu Dhabi

By May 19, 2014March 16th, 2020Travel + Culture

Shabby Chic Cafe in Abu Dhabi

I’m one of those expats who looks for familiar things, especially food.

I’m no sissy when it comes to trying new things and food, but my luck around these parts is aligned with disaster. Not disaster-disaster but disaster enough for me to know to try new foods with care.

So, when I ran across an eatery called Shabby Chic Cafe, I knew it had an American flair.


Shabby Chic Cafe _ Abu Dhabi _ Poised in Print 2


And I was right; as usual.

The name, Shabby Chic Cafe, intrigued me because it was once one of my favorite decor themes from the early 2000s.

However, what I found and what I expected were slightly different.

Shabby Chic Cafe _ Abu Dhabi _ Poised in Print 4


I expected a light, airy, whimsical space with feminine touches, however I received a mix of rustic, antique, odd, and eclectic. Suited me just fine because it was quite engaging and definitely photo worthy.

Shabby Chic Cafe _ Abu Dhabi _ Poised in Print 5

Habibti and I went on a Friday afternoon. Friday afternoons in the Abu Dhabi are quite uneventful and restaurant attendance is sparse until nightfall. That’s another score for me as I hate screaming, running children and large crowds spilling over into my space.

We had the pick of the restaurant, so we should have selected the bathtub seat from above but Habibti couldn’t stop staring and giggling at the setting, so a standard table it was.

We started with our normal mozzarella sticks as a precaution. You all know my luck with food around these parts.

Shabby Chic Cafe _ Abu Dhabi _ Poised in Print 3

The sticks were standard but I really loved the sauce. It had sort of a kick to it with lots of rich Italian flavors. The sauce would have paired well with a gourmet mozzarella stick versus the plain boxed types. The restaurant could easily service the sauce over pasta with grated cheese, umm, delicious.

OK, back to our meal.

Habibti had the Club Chic and I had the Shabby Beef Burger.

Shabby Chic Cafe _ Abu Dhabi _ Poised in Print 8

Shabby Chic Cafe _ Abu Dhabi _ Poised in Print 7


Habibti enjoyed his Chic Club though he claimed to be full already from breakfast. He stated that the sandwich was exceptionally fresh and topped perfectly with condiments. He passed on the fries, chips as he say, and tore into my cole slaw like  a mad man. Cole slaw is new to Habibti as he’d never had it prior to our union.

Shabby Chic Cafe _ Abu Dhabi _ Poised in Print 6

The burger was grilled to perfection; not too dry, not too pink. The chef at Shabby Chic Cafe received a proper thumbs up from me. As pictured, the fulfilling and well prepared burgers are paired with steak fries (wedges) and cole slaw. The portions are more than enough to satisfy your craving for the rest of the evening.

shabby chic cafe _ Abu Dhabi _ Poised in Print 9

Though I overate, saturated my arteries with grease, and consumed enough calories for a small village, I didn’t stop there. Hababti and I ordered a slice of chocolate cake to go. We had it later that evening with spirits. The chocolate cake is for serious chocolate lovers only. It’s rich and oozes with mocha bites.

Shabby Chic Cafe Abu Dhabi is recommended for solo dining, couples, and adult groups. The space is to quaint to accommodate large families with unruly children.

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