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Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel

By November 16, 2012April 7th, 2020Travel + Culture
 Lobby of the Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort
Hey loves,
Once again, I decided a frolic around Abu Dhabi; part business, some personal. As a person who lives in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi, (Al Gharbia) coming into the city is a curse and blessing. Because the Western Region is very rural and there is little access to municipalities, so coming into Abu Dhabi is a must.
During this trek, I decided to stay at the Sheraton Abu Dhabi Resort & Hotel. I liked its location within the city and proximity to Marina Mall. I also selected this location because of brand familiarity. I’ve stayed a few Sheraton Hotels in the states and figures all are about the same… and they are, kind of.
Upon entering the lobby of the Sheraton Abu Dhabi, I was immediately reminded that I am indeed in Abu Dhabi. I expected the same modern decor as the states, but as you see, it is tricked out as only the Emirati would have it; ornate and slightly gaudy, IMO.
I am not a fan of ornate decor, so this one gets the side eye. However, it’s appealing to the locals, clean, and I was greeted with the freshest class of lemonade.


The rooms are a lot smaller than I expected. Because I was traveling with a colleague, we decided to share a room. We asking for two double beds, the beds are so close together. Imagine our surprise when we noticed how close we would be sleeping. Umm, way too intimate for a working relationship, but um, the room was already paid for and getting a refund here takes an act of God.
The corridors were a bit too dark for my taste and it somewhat reminded me of the movie “The Shining”. Feeling like you’re in a scene of “The Shining” is NOT the feeling that one wants to have in a hotel, but again, I pressed on because getting a refund in this country requires the approval of God.
The bed was comfortable but the pillows were horrendous. I had neck cramps and a painful headache because of the pillows.
The balcony was a small Julian Balcony but served its purpose.
It seems that most of the money was spent on the bathrooms, which is good because a bad bathroom is completely unacceptable.

The too close for comfort twin beds.




Look at the little office nook. I love this part. It is always my expectation that I am going to come here and get lots of writing and blogging done…. doesn’t happen. (though I am penning this post from the very nook).
Since I took the initial pictures, I’ve stayed at this hotel three times. It’s pleasant for the most part but again, the pillows are horrid. I love that it’s minutes away from shopping and the beach. The room service is great as well as the dinner from Bravo and El Sombero; restaurants in the hotel.
I am a SPG member but I don’t understand the perks like I get at other hotels in the area. I prefer immediate perks like the Rotana chains offer. Because of that, I may put Sheraton Abu Dhabi on the back burner for a while.
See more photos here.
Happily bed hopping…..

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