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Small Town Love: Tacos4Life in Little Rock, Arkansas

By July 11, 2017August 14th, 2021Travel + Culture


If you only have 14 hours in Little Rock, what should you do?

Go to Taco4Life, no doubt.

Whenever I’m in a pinch, hell even when I’m not, my food choices always include Mexican or TexMex because I can’t ever remember a time when either was a bad idea.

So, fresh off a 22 hour flight from Abu Dhabi, we headed straight to dinner because airline food and snacks just don’t cut it, even in business class.

Yes, we were pooped and slightly delirious but again, nothing beats tacos. Nothing.

…well maybe nachos, but you get the picture.

Because it was our first time in Tacos4Life, we didn’t know what to order. We saw so many appetizing plates whizzing by and they all looked good. Our eyes grew bigger than our stomachs, so we order a bit of everything. It looked like a Tacos4Life Buffet. It was almost embarrassing but when you’re in the deep south and delve into TexMex, it’s never embarrassing. Just almost.

We ordered:

  • Beef tacos
  • Pork Carnitas
  • Queso
  • Ultimate Nachos
  • Cilantro Pesto Rice

The portions were generous and we tried to conquer it all because we just didn’t have time for leftovers. We tried, sat, and tried some more, but the massive order won. Two travelers down.



Our thoughts

On the whole, it’s easily accessible as it’s in the Shackleford Crossings Shopping Center. However, the entrance to parking is a bit congested as it is shared with the drive through. The lane can become a bit backed up.

There are two entrance ways: patio and the main entrance which is positioned on the side.


There’s a large menu posted on the wall in the ordering bey and handhelds if needed. The dining progression is: lane order, self-seating, and ported orders. It’s quick and efficient enough.

The Grub

I had the beef taco meal among other things. The tacos were lightly season and topped with pico and cheese then served in a puffy, flour tortilla. As much as I enjoyed them, I would have preferred a corn shell as flour shells get soggy quickly. So if you order tacos of any variety, eat them first or you’ll have a soggy situation on your hands.

My BFF enjoyed the pork carnitas. The cabbage, cilantro, and green onion mix was the perfect combination with the marinated pork. We’d worried that it would be too spicy but it wasn’t. There was just enough kick that it didn’t overpower the fixings.

The ultimate nachos and queso were my favorites. I’d love a larger sized queso as the small cup didn’t do the heap of seasoned chips justice. The nacho dish was perfect. I mean absolutely perfect. I’d order it again with extra sour cream. The portion is more than enough to serve as a meal. I’m on the fence about ordering the beef tacos again because of the shell. The last item, the cilantro pesto rice was a no for both of us. Hopefully, they’ll consider another variety.

Would I visit Tacos4Life again?


There are a few other items on their menu that interested me and tearing into those nachos again is a must.

Have you ever visited Tacos4Life or is it a similar place in your area?



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