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Social Media Platforms Are Unstable Grounds

By July 7, 2017August 14th, 2021Blog + Business

..and just like that, my Instagram Account was deactivated.


Digital content is here to stay. It is content, information, that’s easily accessible for business and pleasure. Some would even say we’re inundated with ways to access this information. Whatever the case, it’s here, there, and almost everywhere. It’s used by common folk and businesses alike. Social media is used by bloggers, writers, brands, and entrepreneurs as a means to authentically engage with audiences and market content.

It’s a winning gold mine,


like me,

you’re growing a new social media account, specifically, Instagram, and it’s deleted without just cause.

or probably because I commented on one of Rob Kardashian’s troll post. “Rob Kardashian” “Blac Chyna”

“revenge porn”

On July 6, 2017, I woke up to a message from my BFF stating that I was simply showing as “Instagramer” on my favorite social media platform. The message didn’t really resonate with me until I was fully awaken and tried to log in, only to find a sweet little note stating that I’d violated their terms of use. Specifically, they accused me of paying for likes or participating in “like pods”.

Chile, what?

The account I’m currently using is new. I have less than 1,000 follows and average about 50 likes per post. How in the hell is that reflective of gaming social media?┬áTrust, if I were to pay for followers, I definitely better get more bang for my buck than 678 followers and 50 likes per post.

…but let’s keep it real, this girl will never pay for any of that. Paid followers fool some brands but what doesn’t come out in the wash, comes out in the rinse so their return of investment (ROI) is non-existent. Most importantly, I value my name and reputation so much more than that.

So, here are the take aways and some of you may have heard them before:

  • Social media platforms are unstable, the actual platform may be here Sunday, then bought, sold, and gone Monday.
  • You don’t own your social media accounts, they do. So like me, they can snatch it if they want and when they want. What will you do if that happens?

If your account is deactivated, unjustly, follow the steps given by the platform in order to retrieve it.

While your account is active, and you’re a business, one of your daily goals should be to convert those readers to your email list and direct them to your website.

Remember, social media platforms are complements to your website, do not solely build your audience there.

PS. I was reactivated within two days, wish they would have given me the blue check mark though.




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