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Somewhere in Eastern Europe

By March 29, 2016April 20th, 2017Photo Journal, Travel + Culture

For a long while, I wanted to travel through Eastern Europe.


Eastern Europe was a place that I’d never considered going. Then, I couldn’t imagine wandering through countries like the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia or Slovakia.

The woes of historic Communism, grave race issues, and assaults on specific demographics, why would I ever consider trekking through such places?

Bratislava_Slovakia _ Poised in Print 4


…..I was curious.

Since the release of the Communism and a gradual move towards an equalized society, the natural beauty within each of those places began their rebirth.

They saw growth and reverberation.


..and I..

I found beauty in places that were once deemed grim.

Bratislava_Slovakia _ Poised in Print 7

Bratislava_Slovakia _ Poised in Print 8

I found graciousness, color, texture, and depth.

…much different than the expectations of drab, gray, gloomy

…much different than ugly micro-aggressions and eyes that sway from my person

I found warmth, appreciation, and welcome

Bratislava_Slovakia _ Poised in Print 6

I found a modern society with places that were familiar and calm.

There were similarities between them and me.

Two eyes..

a nose

two ears

and a mouth

…sometimes a big mouth

Bratislava_ Slovakia _ Poised in Print 2

Places that raised awareness and heighten my senses.

Unfamiliar paths that defined the words within high school geography.

I’ve found Eastern Europe and a bounty of culture that isn’t found in a text book.

I found them and they discovered me.

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