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Spring Time at Miracle Garden Dubai

By April 6, 2015April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture

Dubai Miracle Garden

Bringing in the season of spring at Miracle Garden Dubai was simply delightful.

Peacocks at Miracle Garden Dubai

In the United Arab Emirates, we take full advantage of the cooler weather in winter and spring. The temps usually hover around mid 70s F to 80s. There’s also a constant breeze and the sun is kind. So with the perfect setting, Habibti and I trotted off to Dubai one Saturday morning a few weeks ago to lay our eyes on Dubai Miracle Garden.

All of the gorgeous photos on Instagram were the stimuli and tease that compelled us to get there.


Though all of the photos were absolutely engaging and stunning, but the reviews of the garden were mixed. We wanted to see for ourselves.

Dubai Miracle Garden

For those who know about travel, leisure, and the western expat experiences in Dubai; they are filled with grandeur. Dubai prides itself with larger than life experiences and leaving those who engage with the happiest residue.


Did the Miracle Garden of Dubai live up to those standards?



There were several, lovely houses covered with vibrant floral arrangements.






There were other arrangements, cars, ships, ladies, and even a floating fosset that put visitors in states of fairytale wonder.


As you trekked around the compound of flowers and endless creativity, you couldn’t help but to feel like a character out of a classic tale.


Overall, the experience did live up to Dubai’s grandeur.

The “world’s largest flower garden” was pretty captivating. As each visitor wandered the maze of flowers, they were treated with floral experiences that out bid the previous. There presentations of the Eiffel Tower, the Burj Khalifa, a train of expat representation, and self-guided picture stands throughout. The experience was nothing short of fantastic. While there were numerous experiences of “WOW”, I see how some felt that it was more hype than presentation.

Dubai’s Miracle Garden would be best enjoyed by those who can appreciate the beauty in colors, floral arrangements, gardens, photographers, and social media enthusiasts who want to capture that perfect selfie.

I recommend this experience because its ease to find, low entry fee, and it’s family friendly.

One note, it will probably be uncomfortable as the temperatures begin to rise.

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