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Street Food in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

By January 20, 2015April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture



…and then there was bacon.

Oh yes, another food post, two food posts in a row…


that’s the effects of dieting

so let’s just reflect on the goodness that was street food in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

My bacon lovers are drooling right now, the thought of all that gorgeous bacon, right there on the spot and in the midst of the bustle that is Chinatown Kuala Lumper.

My goodness this bacon was delicious. It had a hint of maple coupled with a sizzling grilled taste…. orgasmic..

Food porn greatness


After we left the bacon stall, we did a bit of shopping then headed to the stall with Chinese foods. Because the aroma caused another arousal, I headed over to check out the spicy beef and noodles (pictured above). I may or may not have forgotten my table manners during this session. If there aren’t pictures floating around, let’s say may not. OK.



The Chinese food stall was larger than the other stalls so there were lots of food choices, so additional choices I made.

Let’s move along.


Blackened garlic chicken with fried rice….

Incredibly flavorful and spicy.

I’ll let it sit here because I didn’t finish it all. Perhaps I was stuffed

So we shopped some more and returned to the food goodness later that night, oh and the next day too






Now, I’m adventurous but not adventurous enough to try chicken with the head still on. Nope, I’ll pass..

might be good but I won’t ever know


a full belly and 7 pounds later, we can conclude that the street food in Kuala Lumpur was amazing.

When traveling or at home, do you indulge in street food?


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