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3 Things You Must Avoid if You Want to Be Successful on Periscope

By May 9, 2016April 20th, 2017Blog + Business


Periscope is my latest social media find.

Yes, I know it’s been out since March 2015 but I’ve just gotten into it. I tried to engage or better yet, watch, but I couldn’t get the hang of it. The one reason I went to Periscope, a food blogger, cross posted most of his content, so I deleted the app and enjoyed him where I first found him, Facebook. However, a few months later, I noticed more content creators references Periscope as the mean for propelling their content as well as sales to new heights.

…I was intrigued.

…and I went back

…and it was different

…very damn different.

I immediately followed familiar faces and gurus that I connected with. In addition, I went into new territories to explore the “magic of Periscope”.

The more I explored, the more I understood how Periscope is a great app for reaching broader audiences and the perfect complement for those who enjoy live connections. Mastering this platform can be huge vessel for moving your content.


it, well, you, can also ruin your brand if you’re not careful.

You see, in the realm of exploration, I happened up several content creators making these three mistakes and driving followers away fast.

For certain, avoid these three things if you want to be successful on Periscope.

Three Things to Avoid if You Want to be Successful on Periscope

  • Insulting your audience

As much as I thought this was a given, it’s not.

I’m pretty sure this applies to the pretentious and the narcissistic, but let’s not allow a full well of information guide us into septic tanks. OK. Let’s think about this. General etiquette is not a hard concept. The general premise, project kindness; receive kindness and you’ll grow your audience a lot faster and have conversions that will satisfy your Paypal. Being an expert is a beautiful thing. Having a platform to share this knowledge is rewarding as well. However, craft your messages in a manner that engages your audiences and stimulates them to think beyond the concrete. When your audience members walk away, they should feel inspired, uplifted, and motivated to work on their business or personal development.

  • Being condescending

Ok, we get it, you’re a guru. You’ve had a shit load of experiences doing whatever it is that you do, but let’s not be a dick about it. There are a wealth of delivery options but an ass in front of a camera shouldn’t be one of them. Perhaps the whimsical unicorn with glittery pleasantries should come your way, or perhaps you need to edify your douche-baggery before hitting “start broadcast”. I don’t quite understand the concept of belittling or berating your audiences because of information that they don’t know. They are coming to you and trusting your leadership so don’t be condescending and speaking to them as if you’re Mommy Dearest.

  • Stealing content

Content creators are available all times of the day. Whether you’re posting at 2 AM or 2 PM, you’re out there and that’s fantastic. Accessing your audience when they’re available is what should happen. However, here’s what’s going on. I’ve noticed a trend of evening content creators, “borrowing” content from morning posters. Initially, I thought that these people were in the some community or tribe, therefore running similar themes. According to one noted creator, this is not the case. There are instances in which people are repeating most of what was said during the earlier times. My friends, oh my friends, this is stealing, and it’s not OK. The greatest parts about live content streaming are authenticity and originality. Take the time to plan your broadcast. If you have yet to master the natural flow, download my Periscope Broadcast Guide here. Being prepared takes you a lot further than stealing from the 9 AM broadcaster.

Now, let’s jump on Periscope, start broadcast, and reach those who need solutions.


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