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It’s Summer, What should I do with my kids?

By May 15, 2014March 19th, 2020Editor's Note, Travel + Culture

It’s Summer, What should I do with my kids?

Do you know how many emails I get asking me this very question?

Too damn many.

Literally moms across the world ask for summer activities, games, family ideas, and ways to keep their kids entertained throughout the summer.

It typically happens around his time of year as the southern US States are about to unleash the germ holders on society for the next two months.

Parents quickly realize that the 8 hours of free baby-sitting is about to come to an end and “Susie” and “Tyrone” are about to be their bundles of energetic joy.

Summer Ideas _ Poised in Print 2

The first two questions that I ask are: “Do you coupon and do you have cable TV?”

If yes to both of these questions, then you’re set.

Reginia’s foul proof tips for mom, dads, and nannies 

1. Park their little asses in front of the TV

-with a big bowl of their favorite cereal and let them have at it. It’s fricken summer time, let them relax some if they’ve done well in school. If they’ve not held up their end of the academic or behavior bargain, then see #3.

2. City Parks & Recreation

In my hometown of Bill Clinton’s Play land, we had several offerings of day camps with city’s parks & recreation. A day camp is a daily camp, typically from 7 am – 6 pm, M-F, that provides on site games, board and physical, as well as field trips throughout the summer. At our camp site, we had the best board games; Monopoly, checkers, Connect Four, Candyland, Hungry Hippo and chess. I most looked forward to going swimming, skating, bowling and the culminating athletic competitions. Select the “right” camp site and you’re little booger will be entertained for hours. These camps are not free of charge, so don’t get hot and bothered just yet. They are at a very minimal cost plus the cost of the excursions with a mom provided lunch.

Summer Ideas for kids _ Poised in Print 3

3. Academic camps

Academic camps are becoming increasingly popular as school systems are still feeling the crunch from the fall of the US housing market. As a method of stimulating funds for local schools, some schools offer academic camps. These camps typically have a three fold purpose: babysitting, tutorial, and a sprinkle of academic fun. Usually one school in an area will host three to four feeder schools. Therefore, your little booger will be among friends, neighborhood goons, and familiar personnel. The camps are run by teachers who need extra cash ( I wonder why, hmm), along with paraprofessionals (teacher’s aides) who also benefit from additional funds. The camps run from 1 month to the entire summer. The costs are $75 to $100 per week per child. Some family discounts are available.

4. Grandma’s House

If you’re little booger, crumb snatcher, light bill user is lucky like I was, you can drop them off at Granny’s house for the summer and let them experience the likes of Little House on the Prairie. Wait, perhaps that was only my grandmother. Either way, Gran Gran will enjoy her little plums, fatten them up, force vacation Bible School upon them, and take them to every church rivival from here to the mouth of the Mississippi. No worries if you’re not Christian, most religious sects have summer youth programs, so they won’t miss out. Enroll them and let the spirit twinkle their toes. Now, I don’t know if the “Beyhive” have set up youth programs with “Beygency” yet, call to inquire or ask Solange.

5. Volunteerism

Gasp! How dare she suggest something like volunteerism? Because I can and you’re little monster should be involved in such, particularly if they have behavior issues. An unmonitored child without structure is society’s burden so let’s nip this in the bud early. Many hospitals and nursing homes offer volunteer programs for pre-teens to young adults; Google “teen volunteers at X hospital”. You’ll be taken to direct links for the hospital or hospitals in your area. My sister and I did this for a number of years where my mother worked and it was fantastic [for my sister]. She met lots of friends and it led to her first job as a nursing assistant. Each medical floor offered a different dynamic. I wanted to work in the psychiatric unit and umm, yeah, they didn’t let me. I was assigned to the OR, no excitement there. However, during orientation, your precious pumpkin will get a feel for their likes and dislikes then will be assigned accordingly.

It’s Summer; what should I do with my kids?

Parent them and use my awesome tips from above.

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