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Inaugural Food Festival: Taste of Abu Dhabi

By November 14, 2014April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture


The inaugural Taste of Abu Dhabi was this past weekend at Du Arena on Yas Island, a suburban area in Abu Dhabi. The world renowned outdoor food festival made its debut in the capital city during the three day event, November 6 -8, 2014.

As expected, the”taste festival” was flanked with a multitude of food stalls. The alluring aromas from the various Taste of Abu Dhabi vendors had attendees wandering about with watering palates. The options were abundant; pastas, rice, sweets, seafood, and steak, with international influences from the Middle East, Europe, east Asia, and North America.

TasteofAbuDhabi 18

TasteofAbuDhabi 19


TasteofAbuDhabi 17


Each of the stalls had chefs on hand to prepare tapas type treats.

TasteofAbuDhabi 6

Habibi and walked around for a bit before making our first selection.

Mini Pancakes



We tried the mini pancakes from Holland’s Mini Pancakes.  I’m not much of a sweets fan but these mini pancakes were exceptional. They were warm, fluffy with a hint of powdered sugar and topped with white chocolate sauce. It would been perfectly paired with an Americano or black tea. Delicious! Thereafter, we had a craving for a bit more. We stopped by the Caramel stall for more bit sized treats. The Kobe Steak sliders were a sure hit for me and the Tao Shrimp were a favorite for Habibi. We will definitely make out way to the Caramel Restaurant & Lounge located on the opulent Saadiyat Island for more of their appetizing offerings.

Thereafter, Habibi and I stopped through Cookery School with Food Network’s Reza Mahammad.

RezaMahammed CookerySchool

Reza led the students of the Cookery School through his sequence of food mastery. As we followed along, he engaged us with specific directives which gave us hopes of preparing stellar dishes. Can anyone guess how ours turned out?

TasteofAbuDhabi 22

Throughout the weekend of festivities, we enjoyed the sites and sounds of the entertainers, attendees, and most enjoyable for Habibi and I, the chats with the celebrity chefs.

TasteofAbuDhabi 24

Chef’s Theatre with Jenny Morris and Reza Mahammad


2014-11-07 14.22.56

We met the ever so lovely Jenny Morris, also known as the Giggling Gourmet, French patissier – Eric Lanlard, and the handsome, energetic, and charismatic Jun Tanaka.

Jenny Morris Taste of Abu Dhabi

Jenny Morris

Taste of Abu Dhabi Eric lanlard

Eric Lanlard (left)

JunTanaka TasteofAbuDhabi

Jun Tanaka

I actually attended two shows with Jun, one with Habibi and one with my friend from work. He was majestic in both shows.

For those of your who follow me on FB and Instagram may already know the secret….




I scored an interview with Jun.

TasteofAbuDhabi 2014

Tune in to Monday’s post for the up close and personal with Mr. Tanaka himself.

We all enjoyed the inaugural event and know that next year’s will be bigger and better.

Enjoy more snaps from the Taste of Abu Dhabi by liking my Facebook Page.

Until next time, bon appetit.

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