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A Taste of France in Abu Dhabi at La Brioche

By December 23, 2013March 25th, 2020Travel + Culture
What do you do when a french restaurant is near your house; try it, that’s what.

La Brioche is a popular french restaurant throughout the United Arab Emirates with several locations in Abu Dhabi. It is a popular eatery with self noted “exquisite fare” and is frequented by expats and locals.
I’ve indulged in their cuisine about four times and had the same reaction each time; average.
For me, La Brioche is one of those restaurants that is near by, easy on the pockets, but is hit or miss on taste. I can’t say that I’ve ever left any La Brioche location fully satisfied. I’ve been to Sun/Sky Tower (2), Khalifa City A, and Marina Mall. My most recent visit was last week at the Sun/Sky Tower location. Habibti and I wanted to get a quick bite before he left for work, so La Brioche was it. He hadn’t ever been so I assumed that he’d enjoy the selections of breads and possibly a chicken dish.
As expected, he enjoyed the croissant. The chocolate filled danish was delightful but wasn’t quite a hit with Habibti. I was almost hopeful that we would have a complete score.
Habibti ordered the oppen chicken sandwich with guacamole and fries. He did not find the sandwich to be satisfying. The chicken was over grilled, dry, and extremely tough. The salad was fresh and fries were appropriately crispy.
I ordered the steak sandwich and it was dry as well. My cousin ordered the same dish at a different La Brioche and enjoyed it, perhaps it’s my luck with this place.
Their coffee is always a score, always.
The eggs were perfectly scrambled. I had the scarambled eggs as a side dish because when I visited with my cousin because my original dish was just a flat out no-no.
My cousin’s dish. See the difference between my dish from last week and her dish from a different branch.

This omelet, a different visit, Marina Mall, was the best that I’ve had from La Brioche. It wasn’t fantastic but it was satisfying enough.

As appealing as their restaurants are and the wonderful french vibe that they give, I think four times is enough. There are far too many restaurants between Abu Dhabi and Dubai to enjoy.
Au revoir La Brioche

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