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Eating at Ted’s Bulletin in Washington, DC

By August 19, 2013March 31st, 2020Travel + Culture

Restaurant Review: Ted’s Bulletin – Capitol Hill, DC

It’s always such a treat to dance through the streets of DC. DC has a revitalized energy since implementing gentrification and pumping life back into the Nation’s Capital.
Changes are quite evident in many parts of the city, particularly the bustling area of Capitol Hill. Capitol Hill is now THE sought after area of “The District” which comes with ample restaurants, pricey housing, and tons of foot traffic. The diversity is ever so heart-warming.


As we strolled along, we happened upon my sister’s favorite neighborhood diner; Ted’s Bulletin.

Ted’s Bulletin is a vintage inspired diner with classic decor, great service, and plates with an abundance of hearty foods.
We arrived around 5 PM and opted for sides, dinner selections and a coffee milkshake.
My mom and I started with a cup of cheddar broccoli soup. The soup was pretty good but the chalky consistency caused by the cheddar was slightly off putting but the flavor was great. I’d definitely order this again.
I had the Meatloaf with Mingo County Ketchup Glaze. The sides were broccoli and macaroni/cheese. Let me tell you, the macaroni/cheese was absolutely delicious. It was topped with a crispy coating and infused with a balanced cheese flavor. You can not come to Ted’s Bulletin and not have this side.


The broccoli was standard and the meatloaf was good. There were tons of chunky veggies, onions, peppers, and a flavor that I couldn’t identify. The unknown flavor was a bit too powerful and almost drowned the traditional bite of the loaf. If you’re a meatloaf lover, try it, if not, this may not be the selection for you.


My sister is a district resident and has had the flavors of Ted’s several times. She selected her favorite, corn beef and potatoes.


My mom was in the mood for a sandwich, so she selected The Rachel. The sandwich had generous offerings and was plenty for second helpings.
The finale.
The homemade pop tarts….


My sister said that the homemade pop tarts are a hit among district residents. Our tummies were too full but perhaps on my next visit, I’ll try these first. There are a variety of flavors and they are amazingly attractive.
Overall, Ted’s Bulletin is a must visit restaurant in Capitol Hill. Reservations are recommended because the locals love this quaint little joint.

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