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Tex-Mex Food in Germany

By August 4, 2014March 11th, 2020Travel + Culture

Ooo, let me tell you about this place. First of all, seeing this Tex-Mex delight called Enchilada Puro Mexico was a welcomed site to see in the background off the main square in Nuremberg. The dinner and breakfast from my stay in the Rhine Valley left me feeling hopeless in the food department. I thought I would be faced with 11 days of food hell. I thought I would be forced to sample forks of bland mush or unidentifiable scoops of  colorful goo but there was light. Enchilada Puro Mexico was the light at the end of the dinner table.

Enchilada Puro Mexico _ Nurembergy Germany _ Poised in Print 1

There it was, just in the short distance off the main square. I pointed myself in the direction and headed over.

We arrived to Nuremberg about noon. Though there was a lot of bustling in the square at the time, there wasn’t a crowd at Enchilada Puro Mexico. For this, I was thankful. I had limited time because Nuremberg was only a short stop on our way to the next destination.

I was seated immediately and selected outdoor seating because the weather was just perfect.

Enchilada Puro Mexico _ Nurembery Germany _ Poised in Print 4


There are a variety of offerings at Enchilada Puro Mexico; burritos, steaks, enchiladas, combination platters, and spirits. I selected the burrito because I felt that it gave me a taste of everything. It was stuffed with steak, rice, and plenty of grilled vegetables.

Enchilada Puro Mexico _ Nuremberg Germany _ Poised in Print


I guess I was a bit hungrier than I thought. I dug into the plate like no tomorrow and put all of my ladylike manners to the side. The side salad had a house dressing that was flavorful and didn’t overpower the greens. The green blend seemed to be a nice mix of romaine and iceberg lettuce with shavings of carrots and sprinkles of corn. The dipping sauce was a complementary mix of salsa and ranch dressing. I’ve never had that marriage of flavors but it did my taste buds well. A sparkling brew of Pepsi was needed to wash it down followed by swigs of water.

Mexican and Tex-Mex foods are heavy to me so I usually pair them with a soft drink or fruit punch; margaritas are preferred.

Enchilada Puro Mexico _ Nuremberg Germany _ Poised in Print 3

My first impressions of Enchilada Puro Mexico were spot on. The setting was pleasant, the service was good, and the food satisfying. If your tour stops through Nuremberg and the food in the square isn’t what you want, try Enchilada Puro Mexico for a taste of Tex-Mex.


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