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By August 2, 2013April 7th, 2020Archives, Editor's Note

Childfree families; ideal or selfish?

In a recent article, via, writer Lauren Sandler illustrates a growing trend among American
Professionals; remaining child free. Sandler’s article indicates that 1 in 5 women (2010) remained child free. She adds that the decision to remain child free is a private and personal choice.

I am in agreement with Sandler regarding a discussion that essentially involves my mate and my womb. Because it is a worldwide norm for a woman to become a mother and experience the right of passage into the coveted motherhood, childless women are often thought of as spinsters or given the assumption of infertile. While many women who choose to forego motherhood are neither, society isn’t as accepting of the deliberate choice to remain child free.

As a woman in my late 30s, I am often baited with dialog regarding my decision to remain child free for so long. My immediate response to “Why don’t you have any kids?” is “I’m not married“. For me, being a single mother is not an option. Life happens and something catastrophic could happen after my marriage but positioning myself in the arena of “single mothers” would be emotionally and financially detrimental.

I agree with a lot of the positions illustrated in Sandler’s article and feel that it is a selfless decision among singles and couples to remain child free if this isn’t a lifestyle that would work for them.

Raising children properly requires a lot of both parents. Children deserve a full life of nurture, grooming, exposure to wellness, with access to things that positions them for happiness and success.

What do you think; are child free singles and couples selfish or selfless?
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