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The Living Room Cafe’

By July 13, 2015April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture

Big Breakfast Meal at the Living Room Cafe Abu Dhabi

Sometimes I like to begin a post with a little suspense to keep y’all engaged, but, um, it’s not happening this time. Let me just get to it, I love The Living Room Cafe. My friend Pam, is a whiz a finding deals, Groupon Specials, and is on Zomato daily looking for hidden gems. We’d been on the hunt for a new breakfast spot outside of our favorite, Dome Cafe’, when she happened upon The Living Room. The Living Room Cafe is close to both of our houses, so this made this gem even brighter.


The Living Room Cafe gets its name for the location’s cozy space resembling the likings of a home living lounge. The space is outfitted with three sofa seating areas and about four tables. It’s quaint arrangement gives the warm feeling of dining at home.

[and some patrons truly take that to heart, no ma’am]


The serving staff were exceptionally friendly. We’ve been on a few occasions and I’ve stopped in for red velvet cheesecake (not pictured) and we were always warmly greeted. As pictures above, and below, warm drinks are coupled with a tiny cupcake treat. The little cupcakes were always perfectly moist and I may or may not have asked to sample a few flavors, each time. (p.s. all of the flavors were just too damn yummy)


On one occasion, I fancied pancakes along with another entree. Glutinous much? Absolutely but I’m on year four of a working vacation so this is what I do. Now, back to the pancakes. Because I’m American and American’s like fluffy IHOP-esqe pancakes, I’d say these come a close 3rd or 4th. These will do but they weren’t my favorite. Something about them were corn flour-ish and heavy. They had a bit of a “bite” to them, so um yeah, the American vote is eh, well, no but if I’m in a pinch, well maybe. Now my British cousins and other EU counterparts may enjoy these but if they like crepes, maybe not. Come check them out for yourself then shoot a message to me.


Baked beans for breakfast, the American in me said, “No” but my EU buddies love them. I thought Pam would love them too because she’s from New England but she said “No” too. I tried them and spread a few on top of my hash browns, which turned out to be quite tasty. However as a general breakfast rule, no for me, but bring them to the table for lunch. This definitely isn’t the fault of The Living Room Cafe, I just forgot to tell them not to bring them because I was enjoying several of those mini-cupcakes.

If you’re ever traveling through Europe or Asia, do expect baked beans as a breakfast staple.


As a creature of habit and a luster of good food, I’ve been to The Living Room Cafe several times. I probably mentioned that above, but OK, just roll with me. This time, or that time, I didn’t want my standard breakfast, I needed to know if they had proper burgers. Y’all know by now, I’m a burger queen and until the queen says the burger is good, it isn’t good.

So, I’ll say it now…

The Living Room Cafe has great burgers. Keeping in trend with my glutinous behavior as of late, the monster burger from above was a breakfast delight. Burger for breakfast, “Hell yeah”. The side of chili potato wedges made it even better. The massive burger was topped with cheese, beef bacon, and the sauces of your choice. The side of coleslaw was the hint of home that I needed.


…and as we do in our leisurely Middle Eastern ways, we chat it up for an hour or so after a meal, have another coffee, and then go on a merry ways.

…and have another mini-cupcake too if they’re available.


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