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The Pancake Parlour

By June 2, 2014March 12th, 2020Travel + Culture

The Pancake Parlour

Pancakes and vacations are just a thing; a real thing.

The Pancake Parlour _ Melbourne City Station_ Poised in Print

Who doesn’t enjoy a hearty, coma causing breakfast while lounging in a foreign country many moons away from their normal?

Let’s go “down under”

…to Australia.

specifically Melbourne.

Who doesn’t enjoy a hint of familiarity while traveling abroad?

You do! I do as well.

Because of the eclectic energy outside of The Pancake Parlour on the upper level of Melbourne Central Station, it was important to my nutritional needs and natural curiosity to delve deep into the soulful eatery that sat before me.

The Pancake Parlour_Melbourne City Station_ Poised in Print 4


The creativity within the restaurant and it’s patrons was enough for me. I could have drunk a cup of coffee and engaged with the other hungry bears for hours. This is the place where ideas are sparked and your artistic pleasures are unleashed. The Pancake Parlour is more than ¬†a greasy spoon and a diet ruining diner, it’s the magical place that massages your imagination.


there’s always a but

one thing

Dear Americans,

Aussie’s make their hash browns crispy, like almost burnt type of crispy, so don’t complain, don’t ask for a reorder, just slather with ketchup and enjoy.



The Pancake Parlour _ Melbourne City Station _ Poised in Print 3

Overall, The Pancake Parlour was good call. I enjoyed a poke of pork, a fluffy short stack, eggs just right, and crispy hash browns (the Aussie way) for the first time.

Just do it.

……The Pancake Parlour¬†

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