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The People of Sri Lanka

By May 28, 2014August 14th, 2021Photo Journal, Travel + Culture

The People of Sri Lanka

After visiting Sri Lanka this past weekend, I am convinced that they are indeed some of the nicest people on Earth.

….kinship along and among the diaspora.


During this travel tour, I wanted to engage with people more versus snapping photos from afar and forming opinions through a lens. I wanted to engage with the people who I shared some sort of kinship. We looked alike but different. There was immediate evidence what most people in Sri Lanka has African Blood in the veins. The browning of their skin, their feature, the curl of their hair, there was the kinship. I saw it and wanted to know more. I wanted to see them, the people of Sri Lanka, and I wanted them to see me as well.



I engaged.




I snapped.




I enjoyed.



The people of Sri Lanka are some of the nicest people of Earth.

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