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The Rhine Valley

By July 29, 2014March 7th, 2020Travel + Culture

Rhine Valley

Today’s ¬†Travel Tuesday brings us to the Rhine Valley.

I was most excited about coming to the Rhine Valley because it was my first time in Germany. I didn’t know much about the location prior to the visit, so its element of unknown created a great sense of excitement.

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As we approached the city, I was most intrigued by the authentic beauty. The lush landscapes with mountainous backdrops were stunning.

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The hilltop castles captured my attention immediately. Each holds an enormous amount of history and charm.

We first explored the city with a brief walking tour. The shops and cafes were moderately filled with locals and tourists. The moods were relaxed and pleasant.

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One of the highlights of the walking tour was the Birkenstock Store. The world famous sandal store held with a variety of styles of the popular therapeutic ¬†sandal. Some of the styles were seemingly unique to the area and I hadn’t noticed stateside or throughout Europe. I hate that I passed on the opportunity to snag a genuine pair as the prices were much lower than the US and the UAE.

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After our brief walking tour, we headed to a surprise wine tasting. I hadn’t been to a wine tasting since my visit to Toronto last year. We tried two reds, a rose, and my favorite, ice wine. Ice wine is a dessert wine with a sweet, smooth taste. It’s flavor is produced by the harvesting of frozen grapes while still on the vine. Its concentrate has a high sugar density because the fermentation happens before freezing.

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The wine tasting provided a much needed break in the day. The bus ride from the Netherlands was a bit exhausting and the heat stressed many of us just a bit. Therefore, the boat ride down the mighty Rhine River gave many of us the breeze of fresh air that we needed.

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The Rhine Valley is definitely best experienced by boat. The pockets of cities along its banks are visions of simplicity.

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The remainder of the evening included a group dinner, resting in our hotel rooms or an evening of spirits and karaoke.

2014-07-12 13.56.40


My German dinner was a bit lackluster. The main complaint is that it lack flavor. Adding salt and pepper just didn’t get it. I picked at it as much as I could but concluded with a can of Pringles.

2014-07-12 14.01.17


The hotel was OK. It was without amenities or luxuries (.ie. elevator [lift] and air conditioning). Luckily the breeze from the river cooled the room enough for an OK sleep but a day any warmer than it was but have been uncomfortable. My Trip Advisor review is here.

For more pictures from my European Tour and the Rhine Valley, visit my Facebook page.

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