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Things to Do and Places to Eat in Houston, Texas

By August 4, 2016April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture

Things to Do + Places to Eat in Houston, Texas

Everyone knows that everything is bigger in Texas.

…the space

…the cowboy hats



…and the food portions

but these things do not have to break the bank. In other words, it’s bigger but the costs are small. Here are three budget friendly places to eat in Houston, Texas. Bring a huge appetite though because the portions are massive and there will be plenty for later.

Gringo’s TexMex

We happened upon Gringo’s TexMex through the recommendation of another patron in the hotel in which we were staying. She hopped in the elevator with cartons of take-a-way that smelled divine. Fresh off a 16-hour flight, I wanted to know what that heavenly smell was. It was at that time that she introduced me to Gringos. I really wanted her to offer me a hint of what she had, because it was ” a plenty” but I just took her suggestions and the directions then noted it for a later time.

…and man oh man…

her recommendation was spot on.

…and for an appetizer, two drinks, and two entrees, we spent less than $40.



Gringo's in Houston, Texas



Chuy’s has locations throughout Texas and I guess that’s a good thing. Each Chuy’s restaurant that we passed was filled to capacity with lines outside the door. It’s a great spot for quick salsa, chips, and house dip. We were plenty full from those. Our entrees came rather quickly and were satisfying. The portions were massive and the perfect spot for those who enjoy Texas TexMex.

Daily Grill



Daily Grill was a pleasant surprise. We weren’t looking for it per se, we simply wanted to get into shelter out of the seemingly non-ending rain. We wanted a break from our days of TexMex so Daily Grill was it, and the first restaurant we saw when we entered the Galleria Mall.

In short, it’s the perfect place for a quick lunch with generous helpings. I thoroughly enjoyed the fried wings, side of mac-n-cheese and the side salad. My mother had the meatloaf. Though pretty good, ask them to cook it a hint longer because it was too soft for my liking.

Oh yeah and the spinach dip appetizer is a must.

Onwards for things to do in Houston.

OK, I’m not going to be coy and dress this up with flowery words; I just did not like Houston. The city did absolutely nothing for me but an added a bit of aggregation. I didn’t like the tolls, the city’s layout, or the overall look. I didn’t have the motivation to explore because the tolls were just too taxing.

So, we did a little…and I do mean a little.


Garland D. Hines Water Wall


2. Art Car Museum

3. Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens

If you’re in Houston on business, that’s unavoidable. However, if you’re looking for a getaway, try Austin or Galveston but Houston is a bore.

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