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10 Things to Do With Kids This Summer

By May 10, 2013March 31st, 2020Travel + Culture
Parents, by now, your sweet darlings made note of the close of school. They’ve marked the day on the calendar and the need to know what’s in store for them for their precious two month summer break. As kids, we often envision easy days of sleeping in, cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and days saturated with video games, internet, and more cereal for snack. Yes, the golden days of summer as envisioned, shared, proclaimed, and written by kids. For parents, we anticipate, the cries of boredom and moans of hunger. The everlasting chant,¬† “Mom, Dad, we’re bored” echos during times of slumber.
However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Families can meet in the middle, and with conversation and planning, to determine lists of things do with kids in summer. There are tons of low cost, local options that will keep kids happy, safe, learning, and most of all, minimize the summer chant, “I’m bored”.

10 Things To Do With Kids This Summer

  1. Family breakfast cooking class
  2. Growing family plants
  3. Vacation Bible School (or whatever your faith offers)
  4. Day Camp (usually offered by City Parks & Recreation)
  5. Weekly movie day
  6. Writing a family book
  7. Summer Sports Program
  8. Weekly Library Trips
  9. Explore your city 
  10. Backyard Camping
Parents, what do you have planned for summer?



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