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Things to See in Rome 2012

By December 19, 2012August 3rd, 2021Travel + Culture

Pictures of Rome

My time in Rome was amazing. This city has an energy like no other. The people are full of good spirits and intensity which drew me in to their realm of greatness.

I went to the Vatican, saw where The Pope lives, saw St. Peters, the Sistine Chapel, and Michelangelo’s masterpieces. Unfortunately, you can’t take pics of the Sistine Chapel or of Michelangelo’s work, but I have some great shots of outside.

I used Green Line Tours to get around Rome. It’s a double-decker bus with panoramic views. Tourists may hop-on and hop-off the bus at various stops around the city. There are 10 stops total and it runs from 9am to 6:30 pm daily. The brochure states that the bus runs every 20 minutes but Green Line Tour bus did not. ALL of the other tour buses ran on time so I am not sure why this company had issues. Overall, it’s a great service for a great price. Trip advisor only lends 1.5 stars for this company; it could be due to the tardiness or less than enthusiastic bus announcers. I didn’t care to listen to the chatter so getting me to all points between A – Z was good enough.


Rome is an extremely busy city. It’s full of people and tiny cars. There is a huge parking issue but it’s solved by most people driving tiny cars. Smart Cars and Fiats are everywhere. I don’t know the names of the tiny cars, but people drove those as well. Too cute.


This hotel is absolutely adorable. Excellent customer service. Good size rooms.  Complementary wine and breakfast. Close to the Colosseum. Outstanding price.
As always, more pics are on Instagram.

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