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Three Reasons to Visit Austin’s Graffiti Park

By August 2, 2016April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture

Everyone knows that Austin’s residents are the coolest in all of the south. They’re smart, liberal, and vote blue; that defines cool right. To add to their list of amazing qualities and historic weirdness are the low-key, yet stimulating things to do throughout the city.

Oh, and let me add…

when you do cool shit in Austin,

Graffiti-Park-Austinyou kind-of get on the cool-o-meeting like it’s residents..

I mean, who doesn’t want to be cool while visiting somewhere, especially somewhere in Texas..

…because the rest of Texas is uncool


So yeah, check it..

Upon the other deeply rich reason I told you to frock through Austin, here are three reasons why visiting Graffiti Park trumps all other things.

  1. It’s just a cool ass place to visit. You’ll see cool looking people, in the best back drop, then you can take some cool snaps like the ones below.
  2. If you’re a photography enthusiast like me, trek to the top of graffiti hill to get the best panoramic shots of Austin.


3.┬áThe day we visited, there were tents of vendors out selling local items;….. and supporting small businesses is good for your self-esteem, so do it. If they aren’t there, numbers one and two are good enough reasons to stop by 1008 Baylor Street, Austin, TX 78703.

So, yeah, that’s Graffiti Park in Austin, Texas.


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