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Three Things to do in Little Rock, Arkansas

By September 20, 2016October 16th, 2021Travel + Culture

During the warmer seasons, many travelers, especially those on road trips, pass through the state of Arkansas. Arkansas is known for its charm, associations with former presidents, natural beauty, and good southern cooking.

The state of Arkansas has several cities anchored in rich history, but it’s capital city, Little Rock, with the most amazing things to do.


If you’re unfamiliar with this modest town, yet want to explore its offerings, below is a list of three things to do in Little Rock, Arkansas.

  1. Clinton Library
  2. Little Rock River Market
  3. Scott Plantation


After leaving the Scott Plantation and Settlement, have a bite to eat at Cotham’s Mercantile [ now closed ]. This former general store turned restaurants is a favorite so get there early and on an empty stomach.


There are quite a few gems in the Little Rock area, but if you’re short on time, this list will give your a taste of central Arkansas’ charm.

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