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Time Management for Professional Bloggers

By February 20, 2015July 21st, 2020Blog + Business

Time Management for Professional Bloggers

Becoming a professional blogger is possible. In addition to your trade, time is your greatest resource.

Time management for professional bloggers is as important as the words on your blog.


you’ll have tons of great ideas.

you’ll have personal obligations, family, food, slee; you know those things we need to survive.

So…let’s take a look at the real life sequence of a professional blogger.

Have you ever had so many great ideas in your head but don’t know where to start?

Have your ever sat in front of the computer for hours upon hours but productivity was low?

Are you working full-time, a mom, a husband, a wife, student, sister, lover, and friend?

and you want to fit in blogging


make it profitable?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, take a few minutes to read how three simple steps can improve time management and make you an effective blogger.

1. Planning

Here you are, in the middle of your thoughts, with ideas swarming, but you don’t know where to start. Starting with a great daily planner is the first key to blogging time management. Write down your ideas, number them in order of interest, take the first three and add them to the a day within your upcoming week. There are your blog topics. Begin penning the main ideas of those topics, upload and label a minimum of three quality photos, and you’re well on your way with three solid topics for the week.

If you do this regularly, even using the topics that weren’t selected during the previous week, you have ideas for solid content for months to come.

The first and most important step to blogging time management is planning coupled with organization.

2. Time Awareness

This little nugget gets me every time. I can get on the internet and go for hours upon hours. I can jump into one of my blog communities and start chatting away. Soon, I realized that while building relationships are important, effective time management is equally important. So, I bought a timer. Yep, a good old fashioned kitchen timer to ding when my time was up for certain tasks because time management for professional bloggers is a real thing.

3. Organization

Blogging is such a great outlet and even better full-time job. However, blogging can send you over the edge because it requires some much of you, your time, your creativity, and compromise. Blogging has given me the blues at times because I simply wasn’t organized. I was all over the place and doing too much. I had to have a long chat with myself about my purpose, being ok as a non-niche blogger, and getting organized within that chaos.

Organization for me meant designating days for certain tasks and blog topics. Many of you have noticed that restaurants and recipes always fall on Monday, travel talk on Tuesday, Wednesdays are for photo journals or rest, Thursdays and/or Fridays are for the “Print” in Poised in Print. I’ve also designated days to participate in community groups and what type of participation I will do; example Tuesdays are for Twitter.

The weekends are dedicated to blog designs with Reginia Cordell Designs.

I’m much more pleased that I’ve finally unlocked the door to effective time management for blogging. When time gets away, we can’t ever capture it again.

Tell me your essential hacks for time management with blogging or throughout your day.


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