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Top Five Tech Items For Pro Bloggers

By November 21, 2014April 20th, 2017Blog + Business


The blogging world has taken the internet by storm. Blogging and bloggers are here to stay. We are here to #breaktheinternet and fix it again. Long gone are the days in which blogging is seen as a casual medium or an online diary of the sorts. Some blogs are now a creditable source of information. In order to be apart of the creditable source crowd, some bloggers are taking the route of professional blogger. Being a professional blogger takes a considerable amount of time, dedication, and research of the craft. Professional bloggers are organized individuals with key items to keep the writing engine going. For me, the list of tech items below support this blogging vessel.


1. A Computer and Its Space 

A well functioning computer is essential for pro-bloggers. The computer is the main source of development for writing, editing photographs, making contacts, and research. I’m about 2 and a half years into the Apple Family. I was anti-Apple for so long because I thought the learning curve too great. I was wrong. After I bought my first iPhone in 2012, I bought a MacBookPro, and ultimately an iMac. These computers provide a large view space and professional functionality. I also have a HP for some platforms who just can’t get with Safari but primarily, my work is done on Mac.

If the computer and its space are ill fitted, working slowly, and the space is cluttered, stop now and organize. Identify this a proper work space and maintain it as such. Do not allow other things to filter into the area.

2. Scheduling and Time Management

If you are a pro-blogger or looking to transition into pro-blogging, scheduling and time management are top priority. Remember this is your job, this is your brand, this is your digital footprint. For the very disciplined pro-blogger, innate time management is a talent. For those of us who linger on the side wanderer and day dreamer, a manual or online timer is essential. Within the Mac is the Timer for Mac. Its basic functionalities are alarm clock and stop watch but the pro-version allows for full-screen mode, iconized Windows, run AppleScript Files, launch web addresses, send email, and sleep computer.

For scheduling, I use Hootsuite. Scheduling posts should be a regular occurrence for the pro-blogger. In addition to content creation, social media engagement, events, and life outside of blogging; let the scheduler work for you. Other pro-bloggers recommend C0-schedule and Buffer.

3. Quality Photographs

Quality photographs will keep your readers engaged and returning to your blog time and again. In today’s world of blog over saturation and competitiveness, pro-bloggers must to stay abreast of trends in blogging. While having good content is key, quality photos are definitely in the top five essential items to make a pro-blogger. Many of you know that I reply heavily on my iPhone pictures. The iPhone is just quick and convenient. When edited properly, the iPhone photo can stand against some of the best DSLR photographs. Recently, I was introduced to the mirror less camera by LaShawn of Everyday Eyecandy. The mirror less camera packs a great punch.

Editing Software for Pro Bloggers

4. Editing Software

There are several editing software packages available for pro-bloggers. The free editing sites that I recommend are and PicMonkey. is a soft comparison to Photoshop. If you’re not quite ready for the many possibilities and areas for understanding that come with Photoshop, delve into Its user friendly and has the capabilities to edit photography to professional quality.

Another growing trend in the pro-blogger’s arena is adding text to pictures. There are many apps and sites that offer this service, but it is and PicMonkey that I use most. Both offer a variety of options that will transition a bland photo to one with will go viral within hours.

5. Hosting

A solid hosting package is essential. Many pro-bloggers use Host Gator as their hosting service. Host Gator comes with several packages for the beginning or established pro-blogger.


Professional blogging requires a significant among of time and poise. By using the top five tech items for pro-bloggers, you’re well positioned for professional blogging success.

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