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World of Coca Cola Tours in Atlanta

By April 3, 2012July 26th, 2021Travel + Culture

One of the great things about living in a large metropolitan area is the tourist adventures that it offers. Recently, I decided to tour my city to engage in the many attractions within the city of Atlanta. The first stop on my tour was the World of Coca Cola…affectionately referred to as the World of Coke.

The facility is an absolutely amazing adventure. The representatives outdid themselves with the keen details, depth within the aesthetics, and offering for all ages. I can’t remember a time in which I was completely wow’d and pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed everything from the Taste of Coke to the 4D interactive show.
World of Coca Cold Bottles


Enjoy the video




If you are an Atlanta resident and haven’t been to this local wonder, plan this adventure now. Visitors, the World of Coca Cola Tours are definitely a must see while in the city of Atlanta.

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