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Travel 2014: A Look Back

By December 11, 2014April 20th, 2017Archives

Travel 2014 a Look Back


Two-thousand fourteen was a great year of travel for me. I traveled to several new countries and had a tons of “firsts”; touching a koala, seeing a Tasmanian Devil, having Aussie Pie, taking a bus tour through Europe, seeing Stonehenge with my very own eyes, and tugging around 13 extra travel pounds due to range of goodies I tried along the way.

The year started a bit slow, I didn’t take a trip until April. We headed “down under” for two weeks with a quick airport stop in Brunei. Australia was absolutely incredible yet expensive trip. It was well worth it. Sydney’s vibe, cityscapes, and overall culture easily made having a wonderful time a breeze.

Explore Australia


May offered another amusing getaway. My cousin and I went to Sri Lanka. Without a doubt, Sri Lanka offered one of the most relaxing retreats ever. Our hotel, Colombo Courtyard, was nothing short of outstanding. The grounds, the room, the amenities, and the food were exceptional. Our trek to the city of Kandy was quite an affair. The drive along the two-laned highway with all types of scenery in between; cows in the street, mopeds, people, and a lush countryside were within view. The trip was topped with the warm hospitality of the Sri Lankan people. We had fantastic service and genuine engagement everywhere we went.

People of Sri Lanka _ Poised in Print

July was quite festive. I embarked upon my first bus tour. I spent 14-days on the road with 35 strangers aboard a luxury coach to see 10 countries from the United Kingdom (UK) through Eastern Europe and back. Besides a few hiccups along the way, my swollen ankles, the terrible hotel in Prague, and the misfortune that were my taste buds vs. European breakfasts, I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the road. Within a few years, Habibti and I will probably do one together.

European Tour _ Expat Explore _ Poised in Print

Thereafter, I relaxed a bit in London, Bath, Stonehenge, and on the fringe of Whales before heading to the United States for a few weeks.

Stonehenge Poised in Print

My year will end with trips to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore within the next week or so.

Travel 2014 was extraordinary. Taking a look back allowed me to relive those great memories.

How was your year in travel?


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