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Travel & Leisure Favorites

By April 4, 2016April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture

As we move into spring, our travel and leisure activities begin to sprout from the bounds of winter. We move a bit more freely, the loosen the straps of our winter duds.

During this past winter, there was a bit of nesting and some exploration of winter’s leisure. I spent a lot of time on the ‘net curating posts and reading other blogs. Many of my favorite travel bloggers did a lot of winter travels: Spain, UAE, Denmark, and even Argentina. I hopped over the pond to the US for a few weeks, and that was the extent of it during the first travel quarter.

…but my nesting yielded a few favorites.


Here are a list of my travel and leisure favorites during the first quarter:

Travel and leisure posts

  • Oneika the Traveller is indeed one of my favorite traveler bloggers. Her dynamic photographs and detailed social media postings, makes it quite difficult to pull myself away from her experiences. Recently, she and her dear husband made the trek to Russia. Russia, specifically Moscow, is on my list of places to visit before the soles of my shoes wear thin. Head over to her blog and take a peek at her electric experiences from the country of Russia.
  • Making Vicki’s acquaintance was indeed the highlight of March. We share a few common social media and travel groups. Because of this and through social shares, I happened upon Vicki’s Blog; Make Time to Travel. Vicki’s blog stood out because she touches on so many aspects of travel blogging: destinations, experiences, and some not so nice things that can happen on the road. In a recent post, Vicki shared amazing street art from around the world and included some of my flicks from Murals in DC. Not only did she share those pics on her blog, the post was picked up by both HuffPost Travel as well as MSN Travel. I’m still beaming about having my work as well as those of other bloggers on three great travel sites. Thanks again Vicki, I appreciate it more than you know.

Instagram Pages

I think I’ve shared with you all before that most my travel inspiration and gusto comes from Instagram. Instagram inspires many of my leisure choices, dining, and the drive to perfect the perfect square. The #instapeeps below are from a new hashtag that I’ve explored called #moodygrams. Snaps under that hashtag are just nearing perfect. Each hold depth, character, and rectitude.





Nesting season is almost over, and I will be heading out into the vast land soon. Stay turned to see another great weekend in Dubai, travels to the Netherlands, and my beloved Sicily. I’m also traveling to a place where everything is bigger, Texas.

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