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Travel Deals & Planning Your Trip

By March 7, 2016April 28th, 2017Travel + Culture

Everyones loves finding a travel deal.

The question that I see time and again in travel groups is “Where can I find travel deals, discounts, and information about hotels?”

Short answer: Google but specifically, the list below are a few sites that I use when planning trips. I must preface that I am more of a luxury to “upper moderate” traveler, but many of these sites offer a wealth of information for all types of travelers.



Lodging is such a huge part of travels, therefore finding the ultimate travel deal for your style of travel is critical. My “go to” discount travel site is Expedia. Expedia allows me to earn points towards future hotel stays, flights, or vacation packages. Sometimes, Expedia doesn’t offer the lowest fare, so I look for travel deals elsewhere.

I’ve also used One Travel, Cheap-o-air, Priceline, Skyscanner, Booking, and Travelocity. Some of the other discounts sites like Kayak have far too many pop-ups and Google Flights, the baby sister of Big Daddy Google offer flight comparisons.


For flights, I pretty much use the same sites listed under hotels. Following sites like The Flight Deal, Hotwire, and The Travel Zoo has proven to beneficial to a lot of vacationers. The ultimate flight glitch from several US Cities to the UAE and several US Cities to South Africa and Hong Kong were found following glitch fare sites.

Vacation Packages

Travel deal

For US Vacation Packages, Southwest Airlines is proving themselves to be a heavy contender. Other travel deal competitors are and An oldie but goodie is Apple Vacations.


My second international trip was via a cruise. I took the 7-day Western Caribbean Cruise and couldn’t have been more delighted. I cruised with Norwegian Cruise Lines. My mother and aunt recommend Royal Caribbean, and all of the party people go with Carnival.

Bus Tours

In 2014, I took my first bus tour across Europe. It was one of the most amazing travel experiences thus far. I talked about it so much that both my mom and sister want to come along next time. I used Expat Explore. Other bus tour companies are:

Road & Bus Trips

Greyhound Bus Lines have been in service for over 3 decades. It offers nationwide (US) service as well as routes to Mexico and Canada. Visit their website for international travel requirements.

The MegaBus is a travel favorite with my parents. They’ve taken one too many $5 trips across the country using the Megabus. Their new fleets are clean, equipped with wi-fi, and offer easy booking. The only complaint with Megabus are the pick up and drop off locations, some are in dodgy areas. Megabus is also available in nine countries in Europe.

The Bolt Bus seems to be a mashup of Greyhound and the Megabus. Fares start as low as $1 and is available in the northeast as well as the West Coast.

Hotel & Restaurant Reviews

travel deal

Travel Tips ( #traveltips)

  1. Log out of all of your discount fare accounts before conducting a search
  2. Clear your history and cache before conducting a search
  3. If you have a VPN, set it to various countries for better deals

Here’s a Travel Freebie just for you!

Never again become frustrated with travel planning, find the travel deal that will help your to make golden memories.

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