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Travel With Reginia Cordell

By December 25, 2015May 5th, 2020Travel + Culture


I’ve been a travel enthusiast for quite some time, so Travel with Reginia Cordell was inevitable.

Picture it, 1985, Little Rock, AR, 5th grade, Ms. Porchia’s class. She was the rudest, meanest teacher on Earth who loved social studies and geography. She loved landforms, waterways, cities, and culture. She, that ole mean bat, exposed us to so much richness regarding people and culture that you had to either respect it, love it, or both.

I’m did both. I love people and culture.

From those moments, I knew I wanted to travel the world to see exactly what Ms. Porchia emphasized so greatly. I wanted to see all of the places highlighted in that 5th grade social studies book. Those 7 Wonders of the world, yes, I wanted to experience those. I needed to see, touch, and experience those very things. I wanted to answer the questions that were unanswered about culture in the world, especially about black people. For me, there was only one answer and one truth, experience.

Like Ms. Porchia, I wanted to share my travel and culture experiences with those around me and beyond. This is why I created Travel with Reginia Cordell both here and on Youtube. (like, comment, share, and subscribe)

Before video, photos were a thing, a very big thing. However, travelers are now able to capture moments with video. Travel bloggers, the professionals, are now complementing their written words with well positioned video. Come over to my Youtube space and subscribe to my Travel with Reginia Cordell Series. I share some of my happiest moments domestically and abroad.

Here’s some of the Travel with Reginia Cordell line up.

  1. Istanbul, Turkey

  2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  3. Zanzibar, Tanzania

  4. Washington, DC

  5. Amsterdam, Netherlands


Istanbul, Turkey

Global Village, Dubai

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Tour Washington DC

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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