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Travel Shaming

By September 22, 2015April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture


There’s always a storm brewing around the internet.

Today’s storm is brought to you by the love of travel and those little quirks that go along with it. I’m not talking about a lost luggage here, an odd passenger there, or an uncouth flight attendant thrown in the mix. I’m specifically talking about the behavior and attitudes of my peers, my fellow beings in wanderlust. Some of us love travel so much that we’ve made it our professions, our purpose for living, and forsaking other luxuries so that we may hit the friendly skies.

Within anything that we love and cherish are senses of kinship. We value it, we protect it, and honor it upon a majestic pedestal. However, it has become common practice among many travel enthusiast to share a bit of pomp and elitism better known as travel shaming. The kids, the mothers, and the trolls alike put their opinions in the ring to show who has the best opinion on everything from travel essentials, flight deals, and cultural immersion.

Sharing is caring right?


….when that sharing begins to sound like a comparative checklist of the “Haves and Have Nots”, brothers and sisters of travel, we have a problem, a big fucking problem.

First and foremost…


Stop Telling Me How to Travel!

If I or someone, or Peter Pan wants to use their annual vacation time to spend at an all inclusive resort in Jamaica, so fucking what.

If I or someone, or Oprah Winfrey, wants to galavant on the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage Cruise while sipping Crown Royal and listening to Charlie Wilson, so fucking what.

If I or someone, or millennials wants to quit their jobs, scrub toilets for money, and travel, so fucking what.

On the heels of this millennial uprising are elitist and entitled views on everything. If you’re not doing it like the a millennial, or wannabe millennial, you’ve obviously doing it wrong they said.


Who made these pieces of entitled scrap paper?

Travel Shaming 4


These people can’t be serious. Are they really spreading this chatter across the web?

I’ve seen these memes, I edited the second one so that it would blend better 🙂 , and the sad commentary that followed and inserted the biggest of big eye rolls to them all, every single elitist comment.


Leave people and their travels the hell alone. Let others be great at resorts, Hedonism, hiking, hostels, and in damn luxury.

There are tons of travel options; explore and do.

Travel Shaming, Why is it a thing?

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