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Travel Switzerland

By August 14, 2014April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture

Many of us have heard about the visual beauty within Switzerland. Perhaps it was the amazing snow capped mountains or the quaint cities nestled within the Swiss Valleys; nonetheless, Switzerland holds a wealth of authentic European Beauty.

...let’s dig in

Picture it, a very hot and swollen Reginia, so tired and ready to get to the next destination after a sweltering romp through Italy.

….then to be captured by the lush greenery of the Swiss Valley.

Travel Switzerland with Reginia Cordell 1

It was a holiday weekend by the time we made it to Switzerland, therefore the roads to bliss were ever so packed.

Travel Switzerland with Reginia Cordell 2

The traffic didn’t challenge us though because our driver knew the roads of Europe like the back of his hand. He took us through the mountains for hours of breathtaking views that come maybe twice in a lifetime.

Travel Switzerland with Reginia Cordell 4

…and yes, there are random animals grazing on the sides of the roads.

Travel Switzerland with Reginia Cordell 5


Travel Switzerland with Reginia Cordell 6

After our scenic views through the Swiss Alps, we made it to our bed and breakfast situated in the cosy town of Wilderswill.

Wilderwil Switzerland with Reginia Cordell


Travel Switzerland with Reginia Cordell 7

The view from my room…

Cabins in Switzerland with Reginia Cordell

my quaint quarters… the bed was so comfortable.

After we were settled, we dug right in to a home made meal prepared by the owners. We had freshly made breakfast and dinner for our entire stay. One rule of the cabin was, “No electronic gadgets in the dining hall” therefore I am minus any food pics. I should have been a rebel and snapped anyway but, eh, I decided to follow the rules for a change.

The next day was packed with a scenic train ride up the mountain heading to the top of Europe, Jungfraujoch.

Travel Switzerland with Reginia Cordell 9

Travel Switzerland with Reginia Cordell 11


Out of all of the pictures taken, I can’t quite find the ones that I wanted to share….


Travel Switzerland with Reginia Cordell 13

There were so many towns along the mountain side with backdrops nothing short of amazing.

Unfortunately for me, the growing elevation challenged my breathing some. This coupled with the open air train exposing me to other allergens took a bit out of me, but I didn’t stop.

Well I couldn’t turn back anyway.

The train ride to the top was 2 hours.

So, once we reached the top of Europe, Jungfraujoch, I had to take a moment to regroup. My breathing was a little labored by then so I sat, grabbed a bite to eat and chatted with a few of the tour guides in the cafe.

Top of Europe Jungfraujoch with Reginia Cordell

and of course I had some Swiss Chocolate.

After I caught my breath and adjusted to the elevation, I fastened my jacket, pulled up my boots, and headed out to the exhibits. It was sleeting at the top, so the outside pictures look like sheets of white.


After a full day on the Top of Europe Jungfraujoch, I as well as the other tourists took a much needed snooze on our way down.

We took a cruise through the neighborhoods, grabbed a few snacks before dinner, and settled around the cabin with spirits before we headed out to Paris the following day.

Travel to Switzerland with Reginia Cordell 8

It was tough jamming the beauty of Switzerland into one post but you guys have been with me for the past few weeks on this tour and it’s time to wrap it up. The next post will be a few highlights of Paris.

Thereafter, back to my normal schedule with one Wordless Wednesday including a few snaps from Slovakia and Slovenia.

I’m already planning my next trip.

Where should I travel next?

I think I may let you guys select.


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