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Travel Tales | Woes of Group Travel

By February 24, 2015April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture


There they are, your vacations days, just waiting for you to use them.

And there they are, your friends and colleagues, waiting on you to say go, to give them the green light to plan group travel.

Before you say “yes” and surrender those vacation days, beware of the travel tales; woes of group travel.

Now, I’m not saying these things to scare you or maybe I am because of my own travel tales, but be quite certain of a few things before delving into time with friends and colleagues.

GroupTravel-lodging-poisedinprint copy

Lodging is one of the most important elements of travel. It’s a huge part of the travel experience for me. When traveling with friends or participating in group travel, lodging can make or break an experience.

First consider:

  • Types of accommodation: luxury, chain hotels, hostels, AirBNB, or couch surfing.

I prefer luxury accommodations. Anything less than four star is simply not OK for me. I love plush comforts, excellent amenities, and stellar service. When making plans with your travel mates, do ask their preferences. If they are not aligned with yours, stop here, do not proceed. Passing go would be a no-no.

Let me tell you from experience, a 3-star hotel travel woe that had me feeling like I was trapped inside of an asylum. How about an AirBnB that was filled with pet dander, a broken shower, and no linens except a dingy stained fitted sheet? Oh the tragedy of it all.

Do not pass go if you’re not aligned with accommodation preferences because it will certainly lead to travel woe #209,523.


There are some travelers and travel bloggers who simply travel for food experiences. I wouldn’t say that food is the guiding premise for me, but it is a big deal. Most times I want to experience the local cuisine. I had a ball with the SE Asian street food in Malaysia and Singapore. However, the difference in food preferences can make relations strained among travel groups.

Things to Consider

If your family member or colleague fancies McDonalds as fine cuisine, this may be a good reason to leave them out of travel. If said persons only love the tastes of their home country’s food, then they too may not make a good travel partner if food is your forte. There’s nothing more exhausting than traveling with someone with a basic palate and having to scurry across the city looking for TGI Fridays. Trust me, it has happened to me, that’s why it has made the list of travel woes.


Whatever it is that we’re going to do needs to happen around 9 am or so.

I am a morning person and want to get the day started. I’d prefer to start the day with a solid breakfast and be on my way. I’m also a bit of a planned wanderer. I have set activities and may wander in between.


  • the indecisive, time preferences, and the fear of Google

This travel woe comes as an extension of traveling with one of the most indecisive, yet quite picky, people on Earth who wanted to sleep in until 1. How is it that you don’t know what you want to do, but don’t want to do any of the suggested activities? How is it that you fly across the world for new experiences but didn’t bother Googling possible things to do?

Avoid this person. I beg of you.

This person will run you mad and ruin the travel experience. This is the person to be excluded from all group travel because it is them who creates headings for travel woes.

Are you planning a trip with family or colleagues?

Do you have tales of travel or any travel woes to share?

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