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Travel to Prague with Me

By August 5, 2014March 11th, 2020Travel + Culture

Oh I was excited.

I had an awesome lunch at Enchilada Puro Mexico in Nuremberg, the bus ride was uneventful, and the many accolades about Prague swarmed in my head.

Oh I was excited!

From my colleagues, to other travelers, to travel chat on the net, the anticipation to see Prague rose like orgasmic beginnings.

Prague _ Poised in Print 1

Prague _ Poised in Print 2


and then we arrived….

I waited….

and waited….

and waited….

for pleasant beginnings, the big bang, and the whip on my cream


Prague _ Poised in Print 4

what I received was a standard European city. My first impressions were, eh, this is OK but where’s the WOW. Where’s the appeal that makes Prague stand apart for its counterparts? Where are the bells? Where are the whistles? Where is the magic ding?

Prague _ Poised in Print 5


Prague is a good looking city…..

but my introduction to it went something like this

Colleagues: Reginia, Prague is so wonderful, the best city ever, it’s so gorgeous.

Me: I can’t wait to see it.

.… months, almost a year later….

Picture it, Prague, July 2014

Prague _ Poised in Print 6

We arrived to what was the most seedy hotel I have ever experienced (more about that later).

Perhaps that heightened my already dismal view of Prague.

We dropped our bags, had a few minutes to freshen up and we were off to meet our local tour guide and later, a group dinner.

Prague _ Poised in Print 7

Our local guide was entertaining and informative enough. She was spirited and comical but eh, I couldn’t pay attention. I was busy looking for the wow factor. We slide over to the famous astronomical clock in the Old Town Square. The changing of the clock drew large crowds who also waited for the wow factor. Many ooo and ahh’d but I was left blinking and waiting for the big POW.

Astronomical Clock Prague (the video)

Prague _ Poised in Print 8


It came, it change, and it ended, all in 37 seconds or so (not sure what happened to the other seconds). Click the link to see it.

We then trotted around a bit more and then headed to our hearty Czech dinner.

Prague _ Poised in Print 9


Prague _ Poised in Print 10

Prague _ Poised in Print 11


My real dinner was a 1/2 a can of Pringles. My goodness I wanted this dinner to be delightful. I wanted it to be hearty like Bubba’s meat and potatoes but it was a heaping of spicy, bland, and unidentifiable. The miniature chunks of meat were spicy but pretty tasty. The potato looking bread type of things were shapes of goo and the Thanksgiving dressing balls didn’t have any identifiable flavor. Man oh man, this meal was a mystery.

…and then we went home

…on the subway

….then a dark street

….to that lackluster hotel which was really a negative star hostel.

…that little slice of hell made me angry but I tried again the next day. I didn’t dress really. Why should I? Prague was a disappointment and I greeted the next day with such melancholy.

Prague _ Poised in Print 12

Prague _ Posied in Prague 13

2014-07-13 19.30.58

2014-07-13 22.34.12

2014-07-13 22.42.19

2014-07-13 22.46.37

2014-07-14 11.07.29

Prague _ Poised in Print 15


Prague was Prague; it didn’t give me the big bang.

Said the same colleagues, Prague has the most amazing Christmas Markets ever.

Um hm, yeah OK

Perhaps I’ll go again.

2014-07-14 07.38.17

To see what’s behind door #2.

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