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Lunch at Caffe Martini in front of the Colosseum in Rome Italy

By October 29, 2013March 26th, 2020Travel + Culture
When in Rome, enjoy Caffe Martini

One of the biggest and greatest parts of traveling is enjoying authentic cuisine.

During my trip to Rome, it was an absolute must that I indulged in a local Italian meal. So, after a day of seeing the Vatican, good looking locals, and live pictures out of a social studies book, I happened upon Caffe Martini on my way back to the hotel.

I was delighted to finally sit down after a day of walking in the bitter cold. This was the view that I had from my table.
I ordered a cup of coffee to warm up. The winds were so brisk and my limps were frozen. The coffee was strong and hit the spot. While I sipped on my brew, a young woman chatted me up as she drank her hot chocolate. Her proclamation was she just knew I was American. She was there to warm up as well. She is an English teacher in lower Switzerland and would take the train into the city on the weekends; nice gal from Ohio.
Thereafter, I desired a quick bite and the waiter suggested the meat/cheese platter. (pictured above).
I didn’t expect such a gigantic portion but… such is life.
While I nibbled on the appetizer, the waiter brought an assortment of breads. It soon turned into a mini buffet.
The waiter was very attentive and interested in my visit to his city.
The main dish arrived and I was completely overwhelmed. How could I partake in all of this delight and still manage to walk 6 blocks back to my hotel.
I did, I made it, and lived to tell the story.

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