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I Traveled to Sydney, Australia

By May 20, 2014March 12th, 2020Travel + Culture

I’m still gushing about the wonderful time that I had in Sydney, Australia. There are a wealth of things to see, do, experience, and coffee shops to try.


Tour Sydney _ Poised in Print _ 2

The first thing I did was tour the city via the Hop On/Hop Off double decker bus.

This mode of tourism is my absolute favorite. I am able to hit all of the tourist hot spots as well as wander into the city.

Tour Sydney _ Poised in Print 3

Tour Sydney _ Poised in Print

My first stop was  the iconic Syndey Opera House that I chatted about in my first Sydney post.

Sydney Opera House 2

From there, I walked over to Circular Quay (pronounced key), don’t mispronounce it or the Aussies will have a hissy fit.

The views about Circular Quay are poetic. These are the views that intuitive authors write about. These are the views that allow one to escape reality and create a life that they want. They allow you to pretend, be, enjoy, excude confidence, sophistication, and walk with a little sass.

Tour Sydney _ Poised in Print 6


Tour Sydney _ Poised in Print 4

Tour Sydney _ Poised in Print 5

With all the imagining and daydreaming, I (well we, I had a travel partner but umm, yeah, I’m going to stick with I) became a bit hungry, so I dropped by a few stops to see what I could enjoy. I finally settled on East Bank Pizzeria as they had a fantastic lunch special that I couldn’t decline.

Tour Sydney _ Poised in Print 5

 Wine, bruschetta, mushroom risotto topped with ample cheese… 

Tour Sydney _ Poised in Print 4


After a fullfilling lunch, I (we) trekked around Circular Quay just a bit more, then headed off to our next destination.

Fast forward: The trip through Sydney was a whirlwind. With so many things to see and do, and only a bit less than a week before heading to Melbourne, we stopped through the highlights using the Sydney Pass.

Sydney Pass includes access to one or paired adventures: Sea Life Aquarium , Sydney Tower Eye, WildLife Sydney, Madame Tussards, Sydney Harbour Highlights Cruise, The All-Day Explorer Cruise.

I chose the select two and visited the Wildlife Sydney Zoo and Sydney Tower Eye.

Wildlife Sydney Zoo

Sydney Wildlife Zoo _ Poised in Print

The Wildlife Sydney Zoo is a small look into the unique wildlife of Australia. It’s located in the Darling Harbour area of the city. It’s easy to access by tour bus, taxi or on foot depending on your hotel’s location (tourists/visitors). You’ll find a host of animals and species that may give you quite a fright or a hesistant second look. I was most excited about seeing the koala not to be called a koala bear because it is not a part of the bear family. Inside the small attraction, you have a peak into the Daintree Rainforest, Kangaroo Walk-a-bout, Kakadu Gorge, Butterfly Tropics, and a few other events.

After seeing the lazy koala perched in his tree and finding out that visitors can’t hold koalas in New South Whales, disappointment set in. I expected to have far more interactions within the Wildlife Sydney Zoo, but quite frankly, it the entire attraction was boring. It turned out to be a circle of a few animals, most in hiding, with limited information on each. This could possibly be entertaining for toddlers but children over seven won’t be impressed. If you’re visiting the Sydney area, skip this attraction and head to the Taronga Zoo instead.

Sydney Tower Eye

Sydney TowerEye _ Poised in Print

Sydney Tower Eye and Skywalk is the ultimate visual experience of Sydney. The view within this attraction offers a stunning panoramic view of Sydney. Each degree gives a different look over the horizons, shorelines, and historic Sydney. I particularly enjoyed this attraction versus Wildlife Sydney Zoo because of the elegance within the visual calm. This attraction would engage all family members particularly with a trek around the Skywalk. I captured a ton of great images and the window seating gives the tired tourist a minute to rest their weary legs.

The next day we frolicked through the beautifully calm Darling Harbour.

Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is a family friendly attraction located near the city centre of Sydney. Its sprawling area is outfitted with a host of restaurants, shopping, and activities for children.

Darling Harbour _ Poised in Print


There’s really nowhere in the world quite like Darling Harbour.

From first light to starry nights, there’s always something going on here. Coffee machines froth, water laps, children play, friends chat, steaks sear, glasses clink, bass thumps and fireworks crackle. Infectious sounds travel on harbour breezes as text messages and online updates share snapshots of good times.

If you’re a local, chances are you really do come here often. If you’re new in town, there’s no question you’ll have this sparkling harbour on your Sydney bucket list.

Bringing Sydney’s Foreshore to life

Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority is proud to manage Darling Harbour—Sydney’s great celebration space. We stage the big events and produce the cultural festivals that make Darling Harbour a playground for all ages.

We also clean up the rubbish, tend to the plants and grass, maintain the benches you sit on and the paving you walk on and generally make sure everything goes smoothly in this incredible place visited by 25 million people a year.

For more information about Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority

Darling Harbour 2 _ Poised in Print

If time would have allowed, I could have truly enjoyed my time at Darling Harbour. The weather was perfect but my time was rushed. However, Sydney is not a city that you can only visit once. It’s expensive doors are quite welcoming anytime.


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