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Should I Travel Solo

By July 17, 2013April 2nd, 2020Travel + Culture

Is it safe for women to travel solo?


The cat is out of the bag and it is absolutely no secret that I am enjoying my time on this side of the world. Everything is closer, which gives me an opportunity to visit more places with minimal costs. With this in mind, many ask, “Do you travel alone because we don’t see others in your pictures?” Yes I travel alone for the most part but I have companions sometimes; I prefer traveling alone.

Here’s why:


Working in education and particularly education here, I know my days off in advance and can schedule trips around these times. Those who work in the private sector may not have times that align with mine. Therefore, if I align with their time off, it’s most likely┬ámid-year and taking time off during those times is frowned upon (it happens though).


I am no multi-millionaire but I’m not struggling either. During travels, I want to have comfortable lodging with stellar amenities. Many travel bloggers opt for hostels or economical hotels, this is something I just can’t do. The thought of staying in a hostel doesn’t excite me by any means and I’ve tried lower star hotels and was left disappointed.


I’m still a bit of a brat and I want to do what I want to do. If I want a day of leisure versus pounding the pavement, that’s what’s going to happen. Newer travelers like to take in ALL that the city has to offer and I just don’t have to do that. If I hit a few key spots, I’m OK.

The Solo Traveler

Traveling alone is a wonderful and enjoyable experience. It offers freedom, relaxation, and one-to-one time with the destination. Take care when traveling alone by:

  1. Giving detailed information to your loved ones at home. Keep in contact so they don’t worry.
  2. DO NOT announce that you’re traveling alone on social media or at your destination.
  3. Keep your personal items (ie passport, money, room key) on your person in a snug bag that’s ALWAYS in front of you.
  4. Minimize time out at night or inviting “new friends” to your room.
  5. Meet “new friends” in public places and avoid getting intoxicated.
Plan ahead and enjoy your next trip solo.

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