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Tribes Grill; an East African Themed Restaurant in Dubai

By December 15, 2014March 13th, 2020Travel + Culture

During the weekend of The Color Run Dubai, we spent a night or so in Dubai. As always, time away from Abu Dhabi in her sister city proves to be a great idea.

Shortly after taking in a few of the sites in Old Town Dubai, we felt it was prudent to fill our bellies with something new. I’d heard a lot about this restaurant, Tribes Grill, and even saw it in passing. However, I never made time to stop in to see what was what and I’m glad that I finally did.

Tribes _African Food in Dubai

It was a Friday evening, therefore the restaurants in the area can be a bit sparce as most families are breaking bread together. Therefore, immediately upon arrival, we were sat. We sat near the rear of the restaurant, which was a bit cozier. After a long day out, I greatly appreciated the dimly lit area and the relaxing abidance.

Tribes _ AfricanFoodinDubai 5

We were greeted within a few minutes of being sat. The server was polite enough but nothing outstanding. To note, all of the servers [the ones I saw] were of African Heritage. Their attire was a simple dark pant, colored shirt, apron, and painted markings on their faces. I assume this choice was made to keep in theme with the restaurant. I don’t think this gesture would have gone over too well in the US but such is life.

After taking our drink orders, the server brought over the most delicious loaf of bread. I attempted to discern its name from the menu but I didn’t see it listed. Though the bread was warm and quite good, it had nuts. OMG! My mouth soon started it itch. OMG! Thank goodness I had a Benadryl in my purse.

Tribes _ AfricanFoodinDubai 4

After a few swigs of soda and a few minutes for the Benadryl to work, I was in calm waters again.

By this time, the server was back to take our orders. I started with a new treat; African Lamb Spring Rolls. I’m only a fan of lamb in small doses, so this was a bit of a culinary risk.

Tribes _ AfricanfoodinDubai 2

Oh, the risk was well worth it. The African Lamb Spring Rolls were delicately prepared with garnishes of mushrooms and sweet/spicy dipping sauce. I would love to know the ingredients of the dipping sauce because I’d like to spread it all over everything.

Though I was pretty full after the lamb rolls, I couldn’t come all the way to Tribes without getting an entree.

I tried the three cheese  beef burger, yes I had another burger, and my colleague had the beef ribs. Both portions were massive and were accompanied with sides of our choice. When I say massive, I could only finish about 1/4 of the burger before asking for a take away container, the same with my colleague.

Tribes _ AfricanFoodinDubai 1

Tribes _ AfricanFoodinDubai 3

We were both very pleased with portions as well as the preparation of our meals. The flavors weren’t as unique as I expected but it was satisfying nonetheless.

As the evening went on, one of the patrons celebrated a birthday. OH MAN! …another treat. The crew brought out the drums, with other percussion instruments, bellowed a native chant, and things quickly turned into a mini celebration. All of the patrons left their seats, joined in the dancing, photography, and celebratory givings.

Tribes Grill

Tribes definitely lives up to its reputation. The one complaint is that it’s described as “an African restaurant”. The continent of Africa is massive and equally brilliant. Each of the areas carry practices unique to their ancestry. Labeling the restaurant as “an African restaurant” is a bit lazy as well as flawed. I’m encouraging the owner to specifically identify which African origin inspired the delight that is Tribes.


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