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Urban Art – Murals in DC

By January 7, 2016April 20th, 2017Photo Journal, Travel + Culture


Urban Art – Murals in DC

The lists of creatives in DC are as long as it’s political history. Alongside massive gentrification in the Nation’s Capital are extraordinary displays of Washington, DC’s rich history, the creative arts.  Whenever “Washington, DC” is mentioned, we automatically think of politics, presidents, Congresses, Senates, bills, and corruption.

For a moment, escape what proceeds D.C. and dig into its creative fabric then explore the murals in DC.


Fresh Cuts Mural by Michael Hammond located on the corner of Bates and N. Capitol, NW.


Fiddleheads Mural by Michael Hammond located on Florida Ave just near N. Capitol.


Coolest Intellect, a sister (my title) by Aniekan Udofia.


This picture is a creative combination of two murals located across from the Fiddleheads Mural on Florida near N. Capitol. The actual murals are separated by a bit of space.



“Swimmers” (not the actual title) found at 905 U Street.


Murals on Florida Avenue heading towards N. Capitol.

The six murals below, including the shot of Erykah Badu, can be found within two pathways in Blagden Alley.


Meditation by Lisa Marie Thalhammer.

Murals-in-DC- ReginiaCordell-8

A System of Politics by Bill Warrell.


Survivor in the Alley

Murals-in-DC ReginiaCordell-9

Titled “7th and E Streets NW DC” by Cita Sadeli Chelove.

Murals in DC-ReginiaCordell-10

“Maker of Saints Mural” by Rozeal Brown.

Erykah Badu Mural in DC - Reginia Cordell

Aniekan Udofia and Mia DuVall created a display of exotic soul in the Shaw area in Blagden Alley. Commonly known as the “Erykah Badu Mural in DC’, this cool combination features Soul Jazz Artist Sun Ra and the eclectic sister Erykah Badu.

Marvin-Gaye-Mural-DC Reginia-Cordell

Aniekan Udofia has a huge collection of murals throughout the district with my favorite being Sir Marvin Gaye on 7th & S Streets.

Elizabeth Taylor Mural in DC

Elizabeth Taylor Mural by Byron Peck is found gracing the side of Dacha Beer Garden

(1600 7th Street, Washington, DC, 20001).

Murals on Georgia Avenue


appropriately closing out with Global Mural by Joel Bergner located at 3200 Georgia Avenue.

Washington, DC is critically known by its notorious politic reputation but affectionally known by the its foundation, creative arts.

The new DC combines “chocolate city” with globalization.

Embrace it, it’s not that bad.

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