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Visiting Niagara Falls, Canada

By July 30, 2013May 5th, 2020Travel + Culture
If you looking for a low-key, easy-going, and informative getaway, Niagara Falls, Canada is exactly the place to visit. It is a cozy border community with the anchoring attraction, the grand fall with supporting attractions; casinos, popular restaurants, and entertainment.



I decided to visit Niagara Falls as an accompanying stop during my quick visit to Toronto. Niagara Falls certainly did not disappoint with its ability to captivate me with its beauty and power. The colors that were inspired by clashes of  falling water were beyond radiant. As I penned this post and attempted to make the perfect picture selection, I realized that no image correctly captured the beauty of the natural wonder of rock and water

Beauty of the City by the Falls

During your visit, you can take a ride upon the Maid of the Mist. This vessel takes you deep into the falls for spectacular views. The visit and views were truly phenomenal.

Another must see in the area is the quaint town of Niagara-On-The-Lake. Niagara On the Lake is a storybook town nestle on the cost of Lake Ontario. The lawns are perfectly manicured, street corners are flanked with charming stores and tucked within the trees are lovely bed-in-breakfast locations.





This is certainly a sleep town, perfect for retirement or those who enjoy slower paces and scenic views.
Have you ever been to this area, if so how did you like it?

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