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Global Village in Dubai

By March 24, 2014March 20th, 2020Travel + Culture

Visit Global Village in Dubai

For many expats in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and locals too, weekends are often filled with leisure and exploring  all of the things that Dubai has to offer. Dining out, volunteer activities, meeting with friends, and immersing in the local culture represent the exceptional points of living abroad.

A few weekends ago, Habibti and I decided to trek to our beloved Dubai to finally embark of the famous Global Village. Global Village is a bright, international , entertainment village that focuses on culture throughout the world. It is arranged by country as opened pavilions that display rich fabrics, authentic goods, and delicious foods. There are over 20 countries represented within Global Village with additional restaurants, amusement rides, games, and live performance stages.

Global Village is situated about 20 minutes from the heart of downtown Dubai.


The cost to enter the international market is 15 AED per adult. There are discounts for large families or groups.

Global Village _ Poised in Print


…before the fun, we almost didn’t make it inside.

It was a sad and devastating occurrence until we found out, what’s what.

Global Village almost didn’t happen. You see, in one of my, I thought I read correctly moments, I misread the opening time thus causing Habibti and I to arrive a bit early, oh the horror.

Picture it, Dubai, 2014, in a huge arena parking lot with no cars, no sign of life, and definitely not opened. I begin to throw the biggest fit ever. I had my mind focused on experiencing all that is Global Village. I wanted to see the attractions, taste the food, and experience all of the cultures within one location, but this almost didn’t happen. Thank goodness, Habibti is slightly more calm than I, so we sat, we looked, and we finally found a security guard scurrying about on a golf cart. Habibti got out of the truck, investigated the gloomy situation, then returned to notify me that Global Village opens at 4 pm daily.

We were then forced with a dilemma; wait three hours until opening time or return to Abu Dhabi and plan for Global Village another weekend. We did the first. There wasn’t any way that I would head back to Abu Dhabi without executing my plan for fun, shopping, and lots of good food.

…you guys know I went specifically for the food.

Global Village 2 _ Poised in Print


We took a stroll around Dubai Outlet Mall for a few hours to return to large crowds that were just as eager for entertainment as we were.

Global Village 3 Poised in Print

Habibti and I were blown away by the array of beautiful colors. There were an abundance of gorgeous fabrics from countries such as India and Egypt, global decor, clothing, and of course, we had to have food. We indulged in our tried and true, Indian bites.

Global Village _ 4 _ Poised in Print


Global Village 5 _ Poised in Print

After we ate, we caught a show at a nearby entertainment stage.

Global Village 6 _ Poised in Print


Global Village is filled with entertainment for families and those who are culturally inquisitive. Because of it’s massive size, it is tough to take it in within one day but it can be done with a fresh start at 4pm. Global Village is opened until midnight, so there’s plenty of time to cruise the attractions.

We will be back. We loved it.


This review was completed in 2014. Some events and prices may have changed. Please visit the official website for details.

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