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Weight loss & Meal Planning

By September 13, 2013April 20th, 2017Archives
Meal Planning – What’s on your list?
One strategy that I’m using to aid in successful and permanent weight loss is meal planning. Sometime during mid-week, I search the web for new low carb recipes that would fit nicely into my routine and tastes. I’ve found that without this strategy, I’m tempted to eat out more and seek easy meals like rice, pasta and sandwiches. For me, all of the “whites” are huge issues because they instantly affect blood sugar, though I’m not diabetic, cause inflammation, and imbalanced hormones. Additionally, like a good southern woman, I adore fried foods as they should be a category on the food pyramid.
My food journal
My food journal consists of my grocery lists and planned meals. It’s not 100% foul proof because whatever I’m craving Tuesday or Wednesday of the previous week isn’t always what I want the following week.
The Plan
Some of this week’s meals will include: Hummus Dijon, BBQ Meatballs, Pineapple Banana Smoothie, cucumbers and carrots for dipping, a sweet potato for fries and hash, eggs (boiled and scrambled, ham/cheese, avocado for guacamole. In the back there’s stuff chicken breasts, sausage, cauliflower, orange juice, and various vegetables.
I can’t wait to share my successes and new recipes.
Do you meal plan?

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