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Welcome to Delma Island

By October 13, 2012April 7th, 2020Travel + Culture

Hey lovelies,

It’s been about a week since we’ve last connected, and I miss you guys. I am struggling to find a good time to blog and post since I’m about 8 hours ahead of EST. I miss blogging so I’m sure it will balance soon enough.

If we connect via Facebook, you’ve noticed that I’ve started posting more pics. I think people really enjoy photos versus a long passage about what I’m doing.

One thing for sure, there is not a shortage of food. Everything you can imagine, even pork but it’s NOT readily available. From my last few posts, and my Instagram spread, you’ve noticed that I have had quite a great time trying various foods. (hence the fuller face) In my new location, there’s a restaurant that I frequent because the meals are just delicious. I try something new each time that I go.
For the moment, I live on a very small, unspoiled island called Delma. It has a rich culture that dates several thousand years. The island does not have ANY of the glam of Dubai or amenities of Abu Dhabi. It is slow paced and very uneventful. It is said to have about 5000 or so residents, however the majority of the nationals have homes elsewhere. Therefore, on a day-to-day, you’ll see very few nationals and a ton of foreigners (like me), Indians, Pakistanis, Iranians, Jordanians, and Egyptians.

Excitement on the island … oh wait… there isn’t any. LOL not really

If you are a potential teacher, educator, principal or whatnot who desires to come to the UAE through one of the major recruitment companies, you could be placed here, so be prepared. Placement is throughout the ENTIRE Emirate which includes Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Gharbia. Please do not be misled into thinking you will have the exact life or experiences as found on Youtube. It simply doesn’t happen and many leave because of the disappointment in placement.

The city of Abu Dhabi is such a mix. It has what seems like original architecture and several new buildings. Above is what I call the twin honeycomb buildings. I haven’t found the correct name but they remind me of honeycombs. Below that picture are two men on the ferry. Men…you are not fly until you can exude all type of manliness in a white dress (kandura), head scarf (ghutra) worn with a black cord (agal), and sandals (Na-aals).
I think that’s all for now.

A Look at Delma Island

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