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Cabana Nuevo Latino in West Palm Beach

By April 17, 2012April 3rd, 2020Travel + Culture
Finding good Cuban Food in S. Florida shouldn’t be hard to find.
Should it?
As happenstance does, I found myself frolicking the streets of West Palm Beach, FL. During my brief stint, I came upon a cute little restaurant called Cabana Nuevo Latino.


Cabana Nuevo Latino is a Cuban restaurant nestled in a quaint neighborhood in West Palm Beach, FL. It is a modern, attractive abode’ that oozes hip Latin vibes and impeccable ambiance.


The menu offers an array of authentic Cuban delights including the:
Empanadas Jamaiquinas
the side salad 
(literally since I can’t turn the pic around)
I forgot what this was but it was good.
Finished with a strong cup of Cuban coffee 
(yep in the heat)
If you are ever in the South FL area, you must try the robust splash of Latin flavors.

This is NOT a sponsored post, but it could be because I love to dine out.

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