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What About My Whiteness

By January 20, 2017April 19th, 2017Editor's Note

Let’s be absolutely clear, Donald J. Trump, the ever so unlikeable #45 was voted in for two reasons:

  1. the perception for white preservation
  2. to tighten the belt on the %1

..anything else


Well, it’s nothing else really.

Some white people feel that their white status and ranking were compromised for the past eight years. The face and presence of a black president, his family, and black pride caused all types of false fears, hallucinations, panic, and refinement of buried racism.

Eight years of taunts about his birth place, religious affiliations, thoughts about gun control, and health care lead the screams of on-going ignorance because the perceptions of elite whiteness was unduly compromised.

For these misguided ignoramuses, the thoughts of a black president, his family, and non-whites created fears about losing their societal rankings and privileges.  With tearful eyes, they felt their whiteness fading away. As they looked in the mirrors, and one another daily, those robust whines were confirmations for their mediocrity and resistance for true equality.

True equality would debunk their propaganda that non-whites are lazy, uneducated, dangerous beings who are threats to them and the society; the same society that they created on the backs and talents of individuals that they loathe.

Whiteness preservation has proven throughout history to be exceptionally dangerous and terroristic. It is crass, unethical, immoral, and heaping piles of Evangelical bullshit. It’s a movement to silence and kill individuals who call out them out on their repulsive beliefs and vile acts.

Whiteness preservation is mainstream, it’s in what we read, what we pray to, our daily experiences throughout the world because the teachings are, “if it’s not white, it’s not right”.

So, after it’s all said and done, they will still ask, “How do I preserve by whiteness?”.

Continue being white.

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