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What is Evergreen Content and Why It Should Be on Your Website?

By February 3, 2019March 25th, 2020Blog + Business

Simply stated, evergreen content is information that will always have relevance and be useful to readers in some capacity. As the saying goes, “content is king” therefore the highest ranking content on any blog or website is timeless content.

What is Evergreen Content? 

Evergreen content is information that is useful to your current readers today and new readers in the future. It is information that will always have relevance in your field and grounds the purpose of your website or blog.

Why Evergreen Content Should be on Your Site?

Evergreen content is important to have on your blog because it positions you as a valuable expert in your field. It draws new readers to your website and helps hold valuable rankings. Evergreen content is foundational information that helps search engine optimization (SEO); in short, it tells search engines that you have quality information on your site thus sending searchers to get information that you’ve created. Solid content on a website is the key for content marketing and lead generation.

The greatest benefit of evergreen content is that it is most likely to be shared on social media, meaning more eyes on your page, greater positioning, and generating new leads to your website or blog.

What are Evergreen Topics?

Evergreen topics are topics that are consistent with the foundation of the industry that the blog or website represents.

Here are example of evengreen topics:

“How to start a blog?”

“What are digital products?”

“How to start a digital business?”

“How to become a consultant?”

When creating evengreen posts, think about the search terms and phrases that a reader may use to seek information.

Steps to creating evergreen posts

  • Explore topics that a pertinent and critical to your industry
  • Find keywords
  • Check for trends
  • Create quality content

Evengreen content is important to the quality of your website or blog. Create a goal for producing content rich posts that will position you ahead of your competitors.

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