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Why I Decided to Become an Infopreneur

By April 9, 2020August 14th, 2021Podcast

Becoming an Infopreneur was a natural transition.

Why I Became an Infopreneur

An infopreneur is an entrepreneur who earns income through expert sharing. This type of professional most commonly classifies as a course creator, presenter, author, coach, consultant, niche blogger, or thought leader. The term intrapreneur is the combination of information and entrepreneur thus creating a simpler, easily digestible word with slightly more provocation and vanity. Being an infopreneur, expert marketer, involves research on a specific topic, usually within one’s trained profession. Within the scope of research, the infopreneur gathers historical and relevant data, organizes supporting articles, scaffolds case studies, arranges materials for the specific niche then either packages it for sell or presents it, either at a conference or video. Though the term infopreneur seems to have a sort of hardness, it is fact the opposite thus allowing those who are trained in other professions to use this entrepreneurial avenue to build their professional portfolio, earn additional income, or transition out of their current fields.

From Teacher to Infopreneur

I began my career in 1998 as a certified, elementary teacher. My first class was a large group of 5th graders in a large, urban midwestern city. By large, I mean a homeroom class of 36 students and participating in departmentalization which meant that I taught two other classes each having 36 plus students. That introduction into the field of education only lasted one year. During my time as a classroom teacher, I realized that teaching, in an elementary setting, wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do. It took several more years and stabs at other professional endeavors before I realized that I could use what I’d gained as a teacher, through coursework, and experience to become an expert marketer. So, that’s what I did in 2007.

In this episode of In Cursive, I will share:

  • What is an infopreneur
  • How to position yourself as an infopreneur
  • How to earn money as an infopreneur

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