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Women’s History Month | Culture & Literature

By March 21, 2016April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture

Women's History

Dynamics of impactful women fuels global history. Our contributions to society, within every genre and every field transcends time. As leaders, we guide and influence communities; as innovators, we use our creative, ingenious spirits to push beyond boundaries; and as visionaries, we continuously explore facets of futuristic dimensions.

March, women’s history month, it is a time to highlight the contributions of our mighty sisters and our respective works.

The bond among single words, then statements, and ultimately, remarkable prose yields the foundation for literary magic. It is this magic, that inspires leadership, greatness, and the nerve to be a 21st Century badass. The words flow from the creative wombs of women who not only pushed the proverbial envelope but created a life and style on their own terms. The highlighted women, along with many others, never settled for status quo, never settled for second position, and trudged through the many barriers that women often face.

This is why I celebrate you.




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It was extremely difficult to narrow my list to nine, as there is an infinite number of creators, literacy geniuses, mothers, entrepreneurs, teachers, and spiritual leaders who are the guiding lights for their homes and respective communities. There are communities of women, worldwide, who manifest greatness and defy the status quo. These women, the ones in your community deserve the spotlight and celebration as well. Their works are historical and iconic as they impact the environment around them. That is women’s history and it is magical.

Join me in celebrating my nine. If some of the names are new to you, delve into their works and share with your intimate team; your ‘sisterfriends.’

  1. Rita Dove
  2. Gwendolyn Brooks
  3. Kathleen Cleaver
  4. Toni Morrison
  5. Dr. Kameelah Martin
  6. Chimamanda Adichie
  7. Chika Uniqwe
  8. Bell Hooks
  9. Arianna Huffington

Who are the women on your list?

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