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The Worst Burger I’ve Ever Eaten

By October 18, 2013March 28th, 2020Travel + Culture

Burger Bureau

Last weekend, a friend and I craved something all American: burgers, fries, and a thick shake. So, like hungry people do, they seek out their desires.
We happened upon a nearby burger shack called Burger Bureau. It is located in Al Wahda Mall in Abu Dhabi.
This burger joint is family friendly, upbeat establishment with an engaging atmosphere that is complemented with a live DJ.
To add to the easy atmosphere, there are family friendly menu mats that allow each patron to select their burger, fixings, and sides. It seems to be a bit cumbersome to view the menu (pictures with tiny descriptions), mark the menu mat, and then the waiter jots selection notes; selection overload, eh.
For us, it was great that the waitress was knowledgeable and helpful.

There’s a DJ Request Form as well.

Finally, we made our selections and received our food.
Above: double burger with complimentary chips/guacamole and a side of steak fries (below).
We completed our all American meal with delicious shakes.
Overall, our experiences here were fair. I had high expectations for our burger experiences but was meet with mediocrity. From the picture in the menu, the double burger appeared to be small thus our reasons for making the selection. However, to our surprise, the burger was humongous and disappointing. I really wanted to enjoy the burger but it lacked flavor. We added a salt, pepper, and ketchup but it just didn’t help.
The fries were good and the shake was just too thin.
My first thought was to never return but a few days later, I ran into the manager in the mall and he promised a better burger experience; so we will see.

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